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  1. Export 3D results

    Ok many thanks, that is very useful. By the other hand, is possible export results attached to geometry in vrl for example or format like this for design software?
  2. Export 3D results

    Hi, I´ve done a structural study and I want to send the results to a partner. Is possible to export a 3D view of it in a format that isn´t necesary have hyperview for open it (something like edrawings in solidworks) or if its possible export a step o similar format with results map attached. Thanks in advance
  3. Force Label

    Hello, I´ve similar problem, maybe a visualization problem, BC not show IDs. I mean even activating a desactivating this button don´t show anything. i.e. for constraints i want view dofs constrained. How i can customice this visualizaton? thanks in advance
  4. Contour loads

    Thanks Prakash, Yes I did, but hyperview only maps results so I didn´t find option for BC
  5. Contour loads

    Hello Altair users and forum members, Fist of all I take this opportunity to introduce myself in this forum. I´m relatively newbe with this tool and this forum is very usefull to solve many doubts which appeared. I have a question related with contour load maps and legend attached. The problem is i´d like to represent loads a pressure as a contour color map and I got it, but legend is not customizable (at least such of i want). legend represents values with smaller than symbols and I want represent with exact values (equal to), is possible. In the simple example attached, in opposite faces of a quarter cylinder I´ve been imposed 1MPa in one face (upper face) and 3MPa in opposite one. The question is simple, is possible generate a contour map with a color assigned for 1Mpa and other one for 3MPa?. I don´t know the way of control legend. Thanks in advance ContourLoad Test.hm