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  1. Best way to get rid of unwanted elements

    Thank you very much Tinh!
  2. Best way to get rid of unwanted elements

    Hi Tinh, Thank you for your quick reply. I noticed that in the GUI, even though one don't have a geometry surface, one still can first select one element on the meshed face, and then use 'by face' to select all the elements on the same face when the angles from element to element didn't vary too much. So what I mean is this is operational from GUI and should be very useful by script which I don't know how. How do you think? Thanks!
  3. Best way to get rid of unwanted elements

    Hi Tinh, thanks for your reply! To use the surface as a bridge is a good idea.But if there is no surface--only thing I have is the triangle surface mesh by imported the stl or nas file. and meanwhile the triangle mesh surface is toooo complicated that to rebuild a surface is impossible. Do you know how to do this? Thanks!
  4. How to debug tcl code in Hypermath module

    I also meet this problem in v14 and v2017, the step in, step over, etc buttons are not working for *.tcl scripts, but seems works for *.hm files. I am wondering if this is something I didn't setup correctly or just a bug...?
  5. Best way to get rid of unwanted elements

    If I know the id of one node or (surface element ) on the surface, is it possible to select all the surface elements on the side face by tcl script? I checked the command record, it seems hypermesh only returned the elements id(after some algorithms) on the same surface without telling me how. Thanks!