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  1. Regarding motorcycle dynamics

    sir, can I create my own driver using simulink and export it to motionview. So that lane change analysis for motorcycle be possible.
  2. Regarding motorcycle dynamics

    Sir, How can I analyse single and double lane changes ? Are there any tutorials for it.
  3. Regarding motorcycle dynamics

    sir, how to model tire having 2.75 inch width and 17 inch rim diameter
  4. Regarding motorcycle dynamics

    thank you sir i got it
  5. Regarding motorcycle dynamics

    sir how to model damper which is having different characteristics in tension and compression.
  6. Regarding motorcycle dynamics

    sir, how to get output of spring force vs displacement . I am getting only force vs time plots.
  7. Regarding motorcycle dynamics

    sir, what should be the independent variable. In my curve x axis is displacement and y axis is stiffness . How to give displacement as the independent variable?
  8. Regarding motorcycle dynamics

    sir, How To put it as spring force vs deflection or spring stiffness vs deflection.
  9. Regarding motorcycle dynamics

    Sir, Can you suggest me how to model suspension system whose stiffness changes according to deflection happened in motion view. I have the graph of changes in stiffness with deflection .
  10. Regarding motorcycle dynamics

    Thank you sir, Can you suggest me about where i can study completely about solid thinking.
  11. Regarding motorcycle dynamics

    sir, another question. Which all solutions can be done in motion view for two wheelers ?
  12. Regarding motorcycle dynamics

    Thank you sir for your response. So as of now templates are available only for four wheeler vehicles and not for two wheelers. Sir, Are there any single lane and double lane testing for three wheelers?
  13. Regarding motorcycle dynamics

    Hi, I am new to motion view . I don't know the options available in motion view . Can the single lane and double lane events be done in motion view for a two wheeler motor cycle as the examples are mentioned only for a four wheeler.