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  1. internal nodes selection

    Hi, I have not started yet Regards, PD
  2. internal nodes selection

    ok. Would u please guide me to get the solution for this model? one solution i thick of is: 1. create plane whose normal is axis of model. 2. get the intersection node. 3. translating plane along axis to get intersecting nodes. what u say?? Regards, PD
  3. internal nodes selection

    ok. for time being lets focus on this model is it possible for this model?? Regards, PD
  4. internal nodes selection

    Hi Tinh, Thanks for reply. I think this wont work in my case. see attached images details of upper part. right now i am able select the nodes by changing feature angle. but every model wont work. I want to create tool with little user interaction, so that it work every time. i am just beginner in hm customization. What you say? Thanks & Regards, PD
  5. internal nodes selection

    Hi Tinh, Thanks for your valuable suggestion. Please refer the attachments for model. My model looks similar having tetra mesh (but it could be of any type). This model is of two part (upper and lower ) it has some small holes on middle part. could you please suggest some API. script should select internal nodes for any kind of model similar to one which i attached. Thanks & Regards, Pandurang
  6. Hi all, I want to select the internal nodes for any nonuniform hole. So for same i want to write a tcl script. any idea? I have written script for cylindrical hole. it works perfectly. but what if it is not cylindrical hole. please suggest me any solution.