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  1. Problems with my simulation

    Hello, to everyone i´d like to ask somenthing about a simulation that i´m doing, i have three blocks made of Neodimium BMT_N-52, the situation is this, two blocks are right beside each other, the third block is at 200mm down, what i want to simulate is what happen when the trird block is almost near to the others, about 1mm, because i want to know the atraccion force, because i have to located this blocks of magnets insede of a structure and this structure have to resist the stress without considerable deformation. but i have a problem with this, and i need some help, because i have to run with this because i run out of time, i really appreciate who can give me a hand...i attach the steps that i made in the simulation.... tank you ... Steps.pdf
  2. Flux Problems

    well, in this moment, let´s say the problem is fixed, because i had to re-install the software again, but the problem still remain because when the windows update again, i am sure what the problem is goin to be there .. anyway thanks a lot.
  3. Flux Problems

    Hello for everyone, i`d like to ask something about that happens to me lately with Flux 12.3.1. this is the situation every time that my pc down some kind of update the software does`n working well. The only thing that let me do is open the supervisor screen, but when i try to open a file or a some kind of a example in which that i´m working does´n let me open it, i´d like to know, what i have to do. because i had the same problem with SolidWorks 2015, and the problem was an update that´s let open unable the tool box, but that problem is solved... thank you
  4. need some help

  5. need some help

    Hello, i appreciate your quikly answer but i have already do what you tell me, and still shows me the error as the matter of fact, i have begin another tutorial and it happens the same thing when i try to build the volumes shows me the same sentence "Some intersections may not have been detected". So if you have another suggestion it is realy welcome, because a don´t know how can i correct this file. thank you...
  6. need some help

    Hi my name is Fernando Zúñiga, I´m Engineer Mechanical, at the moment I'm doing my research project for my master's thesis, the topic is about desing of a linear motor with permanent magnets. I´m doing some simulations in 2D, in flux 12.3.1, i got the results and until now everething its ok. but now i have to do the same, but the simulation have to done in 3D and i try to learn how use the software, I am doing this tutorial, "Geometry and mesh tutorial First steps in using Flux 3D basic example" . and everything have going fine until the page 89, when the tutorial says build the volumes. and in the output shows me this error " buildVolumes executed Some intersections may not have been detected" I have only followed the steps that is write on the tutorial and i don´t know what is wrong, i´m a beginner with flux 12.3.1. I don´t know how can fix it, i need some help and i´d like to know if you can give me some kind a tips to resolve that inconvinient. i hope you can give me some help thank you...