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  1. Modal effectctive Mass

    From the below results, how can we calculate the percentage of mass contribution in a particular natural frequency?
  2. Modal analysis question

    Do we have to provide acceleration ('g' value) while doing modal analysis?
  3. Modal analysis question

    After doing modal analysis, how can we tell which modes are significant?
  4. Units

    What are the units of sound power, sound pressure, sound intensity and equivalent radiated power in OPTISTRUCT (hyperview, hypergraph)?
  5. Question

    Can we do a pure finite element acoustic analysis (exterior noise RADSND) in OPTISTRUCT without using any infinite elements?
  6. ERP in FR analysis

    Hi sir, When I am trying to run frequency response analysis with control cards as ERP, it is showing me below attached error

    Hi sir, I want output of modal participation factors for all frequencies. I am running FRA for a motor. I have given input as Control cards-> PFMODE-> STRUCTURE->STRUCTMP SMP->ALL SETDOF=? I don't know what do put in SETDOF
  8. Evaluating the radiated sound at microphone location

    I ran the file in the updated version 2017.2.2 and it is working fine. Thank you so much
  9. Modal frequency response analysis

    The files have been sent sir
  10. Modal frequency response analysis

    If not 322Hz, it should have given me the peak near 322Hz....say 300Hz or 350Hz
  11. Modal frequency response analysis

    What should I do to get peaks at natural frequencies?
  12. Modal frequency response analysis

    Hi sir, I performed modal analysis and I got natural frequencies starting from 322 Hz and so on (pic is attached). And when I perform modal FRA I am getting peak values starting from 500Hz. But I should get the peak value at natural frequencies. I don't know what's going wrong
  13. Error in solving acoustic analysis

    Hi sir, While solving the acoustic analysis of a stator component, I got the following error 1686. Can you tell me how to eliminate the same? I tired detaching the solid and fluid elements.... Still getting the same error
  14. Modal frequency response analysis

    Hi sir, so what does the FRA output frequencies signify?
  15. Modal frequency response analysis

    Hi sir, I performed a modal analysis (with constraints) and a modal frequency response analysis on a motor. Modal analysis results shows the natural frequency starting from 322 Hz (1st NF) . while the Freq. response analysis results shows the Natural frequency starting from 30,712 Hz (1st NF). According to my knowledge both the analysis should produce same Natural frequencies as all the conditions are same. Both the '.out' files are attached below. Please help me figure out what has gone wrong. Thank you modal.out FRA.out