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  1. TCL script

    I figured it out Never mind Thanks
  2. TCL script

    I don't really understand how do I use this code. I copied the whole code in hyperview and got something like this( image attached) Under the usage section, it says " Using the Node selector, select nodes the order you intend to write out". How do I do that? I tried to use the query result panel, but that thing only exports the data which I select in the panel. Please let me know what does that step mean Thanks
  3. TCL script

    Thanks a lot Prakash. Will have a look at it.
  4. Hey Tinh


    Could you please reply to the forum here!


  5. TCL script

    Hello Could someone please have a look. it is bit urgent
  6. TCL script

    Hello I have a question regarding the TCl script. I want user to pick a node from the .h3d file in hyperview and then the script should give out the principal stresses of that particular node. I am not sure which command to use which tells user to pick a node and then select that node to give out the principal stresses Thanks in advance
  7. Hi George Even thought the model works fine, I am not allowed to couple the motion of all three pipes. Hence, I cannot creater master rigid node to constrain the motion of the pipes. Is there any other way? Thanks
  8. I even tried by defining some other node, but it still says the same warning 'Error in rigid body definiton 1026'
  9. Hi So i went to 1D panel, then rbe3 selection and then I selected the nodes for all the 3 pipes. The I checked all the boxes other than 'dof2', which I assume is 'y' direction. Is it correct?
  10. Hi Thanks for the reply. I am bit new here so could you explain the steps on how to create that master node?
  11. Hello everyone I have this model called 'taumelblech'. In this one, I want the pipes to only move in vertical direction(Y-direction). For that I did use the BCs option in RADIOSS and I did restrict the motion in all the directions except Y. However, in the animation the pipes are still moving in other directions. Could anyone help me with this? Thanks Sincerely
  12. Mr.

    Hi Prakash I just have general question regarding Motionsolve. If i import a geometry 'A' from hypermesh to Motionsolve and then I add joints, contacts and rest of the stuff to it. If I later find out that there is a small meshing error in geometry 'A' and I rectify it. Do I have to create all joints, contacts and rest of the stuff again in Motionsolve or is there a way to modify it and still have joints and contacts created earlier? Thanks Sincerely
  13. Mr.

    Please reply as soon as possible