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  1. Dummy disappear in early stage of simulation

    Hi George, I think you are correct. I did a mistake that in the copying of dummy. I used the way copying the dummy in the tree then move it accordingly in hypercrash. Since the tree do not have any rigid body content, that's the reason why the rigid body is not copying and translating. May I further my question? I am now trying using the below feature in hypercrash to repositioning the dummy, below are the reading of the first dummy, I tried to export it as a M00 file, then import again it with new dummy configuration, it found that the dummy position is not the same after the new dummy import the first exported position file. Any special step for me to get the correct export file in order for me to create new dummy positioning? Thanks. Regards, Kin Poh
  2. Dummy disappear in early stage of simulation

    Hi George, just checked, I had successfully run the simulation with one dummy, when I added another 2 dummies, the interface definition for the rest of the dummy are exactly the same with the first dummy. But after the simulation, the dummy went disappeared in the first stage. Regards, Kin Poh
  3. Hi All, I am currently running a simulation with 3 dummies. When I reviewed the result, two of my dummies went disappear in the first stage of result, Any possible cause of this kind of failure? Thanks. Regards, Kin Poh
  4. Translate assembly

    Hi All, How can I translate the whole tree assembly in hypercrash Example translate -400mm to the y-axis. Thanks. Regards, Kin Poh
  5. HIC evaluation in seat

    Hi George, Thanks anywhere. Regards, Kin Poh
  6. HIC evaluation in seat

    Hi All, Anyone having experience of evaluating HIC value for seat with dummy? I had run the simulation for aircraft seating 16g load case. In previous, I used hypergraph, Load Vehicle Safety Tools Preferences, then I am able to right click on the resultant acceleration to get HIC36 value. But now, my criteria is to evaluate the value of HIC (not more than 1000). Currently I am using Altair free dummy and having Accelerator for the Head in it. So my question is, do you guys have any example or method on how to evaluate the HIC value, Lumbar load, femur load for Radioss run in Hypergraph? Thanks. Regards, Kin Poh
  7. composite output for Radioss

    Hi all, How to output Composite related post processing in Radioss block? Currently I am only putting, what else do I need to put it in for the composite stress output, First ply failure evaluation, Progressive failure evaluation etc. /VERS/2017 /ANIM/VECT/VEL /ANIM/VECT/CONT /ANIM/VECT/FOPT /ANIM/NODA/DMAS /ANIM/ELEM/ENER /ANIM/ELEM/EPSP /ANIM/ELEM/HOURG /ANIM/ELEM/VONM /ANIM/ELEM/EPSP /ANIM/SHELL/PHI/ALL /DT/NODA/CST/0 0.67 5e-007 /DT/SHELL/DEL 0 1e-009 /ANIM/SHELL/TENS/STRESS/ALL /ANIM/SHELL/TENS/STRAIN/ALL Thanks. Regards, Kin poh
  8. How to find HourGlass and deal with

    Hi George, How to create an output block for each part to find which part is contributing for hourglass energy? Thanks. Regards, Kin Poh
  9. Hi All, I am new to Radioss ERROR trouble shooting. I am doing the crashworthiness for Aircraft seating 16g. recently I had facing quite a lot of ERROR while I tried to simulate my simulation. I believe my loadcase set up still got lots of issue, i am opening this thread so that in the future ERROR tracking for RADIOSS can be easy for those having same issue as reference. So here is my ERROR encounter. normally what will cause this and how we can solve this accordingly? Thanks. Regards, Kin Poh
  10. ERROR and kill the analysis

    Hi george, I think my unit license got no issue, my issue is when i tried to kill a running solution, it cannot be done. then when i forced kill a solution, I think it lock my license in it causing this error out. starter can run but then after starter, it appear the error below. ROOT: assembly_hypercrash_28_spotflag0 RESTART: 0001 NUMBER OF HMPP PROCESSES 8 ERROR IN LICENSE CHECK : *** NOT ENOUGH UNITS TO RUN RADIOSS ENGINE *** NUMBER OF NEEDED UNITS : 30000 License error: Altair License Manager: License error Feature(s): GlobalZoneAP, HyperWorks, HWRadioss Error Code: 17 Error Description: [NETWORK] 6200@DESKTOP-XXXXXXX - (Err: 17) Request for more licenses than available on license server Feature: Radioss Error Code: 9 Error Description: [LOCAL] C:/Program Files/Altair/2017/security/altair_lic.dat - (Err: 51) Unable to use network license as a local license [NETWORK] 6200@DESKTOP-XXXXXXX - (Err: 9) Feature not found
  11. ERROR and kill the analysis

    Hi George, Thanks for the info, will do so. Kin Poh
  12. ERROR in Rigid Body Unstable

    Hi George, I got another ERROR here. MESSAGE ID : 259 ** WARNING ZERO OR NEGATIVE VOLUME : 3D-ELEMENT ID : 144050 ELEMENT IS SWITCHED TO SMALL STRAIN OPTION **ERROR : NEGATIVE STIFFNESS NODE 245882 **ERROR : NEGATIVE STIFFNESS NODE 12274 from the ebook, it did not really mention how to solve it, it only saying ERROR causing by: "" In case the Interface Type 2 with Spotflag =0, this can cause an error in RADIOSS Engine at the first cycle, due to a negative mass or inertia of a master node of the segment. This can also cause an error in RADIOSS Engine during the run due to a negative stiffness on a master node of the segment"" Any idea on how to solve it? Thanks. Regards, Kin Poh
  13. ERROR and kill the analysis

    Hi All, I found that there is ERROR in my analysis and stopping without terminating. Then I to killed in task manager, but end up it seems like the license still stuck there and those incomplete .out file cannot be deleted. When I then again trying to submit successful job again, it appeared to have license error as below. NUMBER OF HMPP PROCESSES 8 ERROR IN LICENSE CHECK : *** NOT ENOUGH UNITS TO RUN RADIOSS ENGINE *** NUMBER OF NEEDED UNITS : 30000 License error: Anyone facing same problem? Thanks. Regards, Kin Poh
  14. ERROR in Rigid Body Unstable

    Thanks a lot George! you are very helpful. Appreciated. Regards, Kin Poh
  15. ERROR in Rigid Body Unstable

    Hi George, Thanks. It works now. but it appear other error that i need to troubleshoot on it. Besides, do you have any documentation about ERRORs occurred and solving methods for RADIOSS? Thanks. Regards, Kin Poh