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  1. Hi Skull, Cmd window pops up even in batch mode with SimLab 14 or older. You can run your automation scripts without such pop up windows in SimLab 2017. Regards,
  2. Hi Saumya, The following is example code. You need to add a view "View 1" in advance. SetLookAt is available in HW v13 or later. Not sure with older versions as I don't have them anymore. hwi OpenStack hwi GetSessionHandle session_handle session_handle GetProjectHandle project_handle project_handle GetPageHandle page_handle [project_handle GetActivePage] page_handle GetWindowHandle window_handle [page_handle GetActiveWindow] window_handle GetViewControlHandle view_handle view_handle SetLookAt “0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 1” “View 1” hwi CloseStack Regards,
  3. Hello, You can get element normal by querying with poIQueryCtrl class. If you want to get normal of solid face, you should do it with HyperMesh, not HyperView. Calculating the view matrix from the normal is indeed right approach you can take but I'm afraid it is a bit difficult and complicated. Another thing you can do is to use SetLookAt method provided by poI3DViewCtrl class, which I think is easier for your case. Regards
  4. undohistorystate

    Hi Toan, Undo/redo is not yet supported for Tcl even in HM 2017. Commands are available for future use, but they don't work. Regards, Oguchi
  5. You can clear highlight in a tk entry widget with pathName selection clear. If you want to clear text in an entry widget, use pathName delete 0 end.