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    • Rahul Ponginan

      Please click here for a short but important announcement   03/26/17

      Dear Users Our Commercial and Academic users around the world can use these same forums here as before i.e. the Altair Support Forum , Commercial users from India with solver queries can go to the Solver Forum for India Commercial Users , Academic Users from India and AOC India Participants are requested to go to the Forum for India Academic Users and AOC India Participants , We will be tending to all queries in all the forums promptly as before, thank you for your understanding. 
    • Rahul Ponginan

      ユーザーフォーラムについて   10/22/17

      アルテアエンジニアリングでは、弊社製品や技術について、ユーザー様同士がオンラインで情報交換できる場所を提供しています。 日常業務の中で起こるさまざまな問題の解決や、他ユーザー様との技術交流を図るための場として、お客様の環境に合わせてご活用ください。

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  1. Excuse me. I forgot to add that I have Click2extrude

  2. Sir
    I have a problem getting simulation results.
    I upload two screenshots. The first is a file before the simulation - it is in the middle empty. The second after the simulation and is in the middle full. How to do to simulate and get the results hollow in the middle. Please help me.
    Eugeniusz Kortus



  3. Eugene Kortus

    Hello I have a trial version of Click2Extrude. I did an analysis of first file and everything was OK. I prepared second file and during analysis, after 1 min. "Job failed. Please refer to status log file (s). Please help