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  1. connections

    I try to connect 3-D mesh element and 2-D element by 1-D weld connector. just want to transform load and displacement from one part to another part. The weld property are not available. which type of connector should prefer.(rbe2 and rbe3)
  2. Meshing 3D

    Can we proceed hexa meshing without solid mapable. i.e. 3D/solid map/line drag or linear solid option. Is it necessary to always done any solid mappable for brick meshing?
  3. Rigid Elements

    Dependent dof constraint error will occur only when the node which are connect another node by rigid element but when this node is also have rigid connection to third node.then these node have dependable dof constraint error. Give proper connection between node
  4. Multibody dynamic analysis

    How to setup load collector and load step for time varying pressure load onto the surface of the 3-D body?
  5. rbe2 and rbe3 connector

  6. Difference between optistruct and radioss

    What is the difference between optistruct (load step type- geometric nonlinear dynamic explicit analysis or multibody dynamic analysis) and radioss (multibody dynamic analysis).? Which analysis is most suitable.?
  7. rbe2 and rbe3 connector

    what is the main difference betweeen rbe2 and rbe3 1-d connector?