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  1. How to solve this problem

    Hello, We have many tutorials available which can be accessed through the "Help" section in HyperMesh. You can also refer to material in the Learning Library https://altairuniversity.com/learning-library/ You can also use the Learning and Certification System for more Knowledge as well as get Certified https://certification.altairuniversity.com/ You can also refer to the eBook Practical Aspects of Finite Element Simulation (A Study Guide) Static Analysis is different than a Modal Analysis. In modal analysis we get the natural frequencies of the components while in a static analysis we apply force and constrain the object and look at the results of that force. Thankyou
  2. Assembling Geometry in Optistruct

    Hello, I think this issue is because you might have forgotten to change the Current Component collector during Meshing and that's why the whole mesh is now store in one component collector. To correct this you have to select the mesh of each component manually and using "Organize" panel in "Tools" page, you have to organize them corresponding to the component. OR You have to redo the mesh, keeping in mind to make the respective component collector as the current collector before you mesh that component. Thank you
  3. Offset elements at the corner

    Hello, There are certain element quality parameters that can be found through "check element" panel in "Tool" Page. When you click on a parameter it will highlight the elements which do not meet the quality. From there you can edit those elements by many options available like edit element, split or translate the nodes so that the elements meet the quality parameters. More information on how to correct these errors is available in the book Practical Aspects of Finite Element Simulation (A Study Guide) from page 238. Thank you
  4. Constraint type

    Hello, In HyperMesh constraint means that the component's degree of freedom are constrained. It can be assumed as constrained with ground. For bolting you can use "rigids" panel or "connectors" panel in "1D" page. You can aslo refer to this document regarding this https://altairuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Student_Guide_251-278.pdf Also please refer to this document regarding connectors https://altairuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/HM_1D_Extract.pdf Thank you
  5. Why 3D elements have only 3 Degrees of freedom?

    Hello No by Midsurface he means that you need to generate the midsurface of the 3D component and then shell mesh and then apply the conditions to simulate the special case. Thank you
  6. Assembling Geometry in Optistruct

    Hello, Can you check the scale factor between them. There is a possibility that the dashboard component is very big in size as compared to the surface part and thats why it is not showing up. To check if the surface component is still present hide the solid component and press the 'F' button to see that the surface component is till there or not. Can you also please upload a picture of the model browser so that we can know if the surface component is still present in HyperMesh or not? Please let me know if it showed any result. Thankyou
  7. Advanced Midsurfacing Tools

    Hello, The user mid position slider shows effect when you have steps in your geometry. It will not show any effect if you don not have any steps in your geometry and it is simple. I don't think user mid position will work when you use the "use base surface" option as in the user base surface option you specify a particular distance from a surface of a geometry with multiple solids to take that surface as a reference for mid surface extraction. (also will show effect in a complex geometry) Currently there is only one tutorial available on this HM-2015: Auto-Midsurfacing with Advanced Extraction Options (in Help Section) Thank you
  8. Splitting the elements with a plane

    Hello, To split a element you can find the available options in 2D page or 3D page, under "edit element" panel and "split" panel. In the edit element panel you select the split option, select the element and then draw a split line. While in the split panel you select the element and provide two nodes along which you wan to split the element. Hope this helps. Thank you
  9. Installing Hyperworks and Inspire

    Hello, No there is no problem if you installed both HyperWorks and Inspire in same folder. The order in which you install both also doesn't matter. Yes you have to copy the license file to the security folder of both Inspire and HyperWorks. Thank you
  10. Import problem from Hypermesh and LS DYNA

    Hello, You can download the hotfix from Altair Connect Website (https://connect.altair.com/CP/home.html). You have to login and then download it. Thank you
  11. Optistruct

    Hello, Can you try and create different contact surfaces for different regions? Auto contact is approximating based on the angle and distance and creating partial contacts, Thank you
  12. Meshing of aluminium profile

    Hello, There are many video tutorials available in the learning library which can help you with meshing: https://altairuniversity.com/learning-library/?type=learninglibraryitem&search=&filter_resource_type=Training+Videos&filter_discipline=Meshing&filter_language=&filter_source= You can also refer to this document on 2D meshing: https://altairuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/2Dmeshing.pdf I also recommend you to go through Practical Aspects of Finite Element Simulation (A Study Guide) ebook where meshing concept is covered in depth. Thank you
  13. Meshing problem

    Hello, You can try with the various options available in the Edge edit panel in the Geom page. You can also try to organize these in a new component and deleting that component itself. if you are still facing issues please share the model file. Thank you
  14. 2D Mesh

    Hello, I recommend you to mesh along the nodes of the 1D element beam using the sweep to created the 3D elements. This will assure connectivity between 1D and 3D elements. The rest of the remaining part can either be done in form of 2D elements or 3D elements, that is up to you. Thank you
  15. 2D Mesh

    What kind of analysis are you doing? Is it a linear static analysis or something different?