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  1. Midsurfacing final editing

    Hello, This feature of selecting a fixed point on the fly by selecting a line is not available from 14.0. For this exercise there is a workaround. First go to "Geom>>point edit" and create a point on the line to which you want to shift the surface to. Then go to "Geom>>midsurface>>final edit tools>>assign target" Select the triangular surface to move, then select the both points. Hope this helps. Thankyou
  2. Equvivalent elements for welding.

    You can make elements along the circumference to join the two plates. You can do this by "Geom>>Edit elem" Or As said before you can make cbeam or rod elements. Thankyou
  3. Meshing exterior acoustic cavity for a motor assembly

    You need to fill the gap with elements then only you will be able to get a proper mesh. Thankyou
  4. Torsion constant formula use in Hypermesh

    Hello, You can go to help section where you can find the reference book from which the hyperbeam data is taken. Please see the below picture. Thankyou
  5. Force Label

    Hello, Please try deleting the settings file. Please refer the below attached post: Thankyou
  6. Meshing exterior acoustic cavity for a motor assembly

    Hello, I had a talk with some experts. So to do this you need to have 2D elements everywhere (motor components and the outer sphere). Then all the motor components should be under one component, there should be no gap or intersection between them and also there should not be any contact surfaces in them. This means that all the motor parts should be treated as one component only in HM. It should be 2D meshed. Then there should be no gap, intersection or contact surfaces between the parts. Thankyou.
  7. Toolbar Missing

    Hello, Can you please check that you are updated with the latest hotfix and you are using the latest version. If you are and this is still not showing, i would advice you to please reinstall HW. Thankyou
  8. Equvivalent elements for welding.

    Hello, I don't think washer will be necessary. The thing @Q.Nguyen-Dai is recommending is that you do equivalent or join the nodes of the two plates along the circumference of the circle. This will not require beam/rod elements. This will be useful only when you don't have to study the weld elements. Thankyou
  9. Required Hyperworks for installation

    Hello, Please apply here for a free student edition of HyperWorks. https://altairuniversity.com/free-hyperworks-2017-student-edition/ After it has been processed and verified you will get the license file and the download link via email. You can also download our free eBook from: https://altairuniversity.com/free-ebooks -2/ Thankyou
  10. Equvivalent elements for welding.

    Hello, You can try modelling them with cbeam or rod elements for the same. Thankyou
  11. Midsurfacing final editing

    Hello, I am working on this and will get back to you as soon as possible. Thankyou
  12. Toolbar Missing

    Hello, Did you try deleting the settings file? If yes and it is still not working please let me know! This is how you delete the settings file: Thankyou
  13. Meshing exterior acoustic cavity for a motor assembly

    Yes i have got the file, i will get back to you. Thankyou
  14. Meshing problem

    Hello, Can you please send the .out file and attach the screenshot of what error is coming? Thankyou
  15. how to make solid body rigid in hypermesh

    Hello, Please find more information in the attached document. theory_kinematic_const.pdf Thankyou