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  1. Selection of node

    You can find attached ppt file video for better reference. ToolNotRunning.pptx ToolNotRunning.pptx
  2. Selection of node

    Dear sir/mam, I created one script which can selects one node and renumber it.But now what problem i am facing is when i am running my script first time it is working fine and i can select node by using left mouse click.But, if i am using same script second time (Note: I am creating new session) it is not picking node by mouse click but it is picking one node always automatically if i left click on screen anywhere but not picking correct node (Note: If i select node by id option it is able to pick entered node id with that automatically picked node).If i close Hypermesh and opens again it is working fine for first time but, again from second time i am facing same issue. Please help me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance. Thanks and regards. Vikas Kumar
  3. Selection of node

    You can run this tool first time it will work fine second time just create new session and again run same .tcl script you will come to know the problem (Second time you will find not able to select node by left mouse click actually it won't work for any operation). Note: before running the tool import any model in nastran profile i am using HM version 13.0. Please help me as soon as possible. selectOneNodeSent.tcl
  4. Error

    Dear sir, When Compiling a existing code for creating a .tbc file by using tclpro. TclPro is going to be stopped. But, my code is correct and it's working fine and i want to create .tbc file.For another simple .tcl program file it is working fine but having problem with this file. I am using Command for compiling -> procomp filename.tcl please reply as soon as possible. Thanks and regards, Vikas Kumar
  5. Error

    Dear tinh, Yes it has multiple string operations. can you suggest me in detail about activestate dev kit and from where i can doenload it. Please reply me asap. Thanks and regards Vikas Kumar
  6. and i want to find max stress by using TCL/TK script but contour.value in set query giving N/A please answer as soon as possible. Thanks in advance
  7. Hey george How to add /ANIM/NODA/DT in the engine file.My code is same as above code . can you help me. Thanks
  8. I also have same issue at the place of contour value am getting N/A