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  1. SPH Setup Error

    Thanks George, I have gone through the example and taken some inputs from that. But now concern about the two different pitch in a same component SPH element. Can you please advice and help me regarding my concern. Thanking You.
  2. SPH Setup Error

    Hi George, Thanks for your immediate response. I am simulating Ship collision analysis using SPH. One ship is floating still on water (struck ship) and another ship is moving with some initial velocity (striking ship) and colliding on it. I am modeling water using SPH. Objective is to estimating energy absorption by struck ship. So for this problem, I am defining a big enough water sump with SPH where collision happens. My aim was to defining very small pitch SPH element near the ship (to capture the physics properly) and high pitch element away from the collision. If I will maintain equal and fine pitch all over, than element count will increase and which is not needed away from the collision. Is my approach is correct for this kind of problem definition? Your suggestion on this is most appreciable. Hope i am clear to describe my problem, or else happy to explain further. Thanks.
  3. SPH Setup Error

    @George P Johnson I tried simulating simple SPH model with gravity load and Simple BC with two different pitch for SPH in a single component. But not getting the proper behavior. I assumes it to be maintain the pitch as in its location, because in my main simulation I want to refine the area of focus with small pitch value. Attaching the deck file along with animation. 11aa.avi sph_bc_0000.rad sph bc_0001.rad
  4. Lump Mass in Radioss

    Hi, I want to create a Lump Mass of a stack of Iron Ore over an area (the stack is in the form of a cone). Thought of creating that stack with SPH elements. Is it right approach to this problem? If Yes, what should be the PROP of the SPH (such as: qa, qb, order etc.) and what should be the MAT (Material law and respective parameters) If No, what other alternative available for this. Thanking You. rgrds, Pritam
  5. Small Strain Formulation

    Hi george, The model is running properly without any error Thanks for your suggestion and support. Thanking You.
  6. Small Strain Formulation

    Hi George, Unit System: mm Mpa Ton N I tried with possible alternative options with the material models as per my knowledge. But couldn't figure out the error. So seeking for your help. thanking you.
  7. Small Strain Formulation

    Dear George, I shared the file. Please review and suggest. Thanking You.
  8. Small Strain Formulation

    Hi There, I am Simulation an AirBag with MONVOL_GAS option with CardImage PresLoadCurve Option with material Rubber and Foam. At the start a huge ERR% is occurring (-99%). Later some elements are undergone small strain formation with such message: ** WARNING ZERO OR NEGATIVE SUB-VOLUME : 3D-ELEMENT ID : 41274 ELEMENT IS SWITCHED TO SMALL STRAIN OPTION Later there is a huge drop in time step ( in order of 3.0484E-67) with zero energy error and gradually time step increased and fixed at 1.1377E-06 and simulation running smoothly. But in animation file the volume of AirBed becomes Zero with gradual increase in pressure. Prop used: P14Solid ISOLID: 14 (with 12 run automatically killed due to exceeding energy error limit) Ismstr: 0 (used 2 with DT/BRICK/CST but same effect) Icpre: 1 Please suggest some modifications. I would like to share model file through Secure File DropBox if needed.
  9. E-Book Download

    Hi There, I am unable to download the free e-books provided in "Altair University Free e-Books" section. Kindly please attach some of the books mentioned. 1. Practical Aspects of Finite Element Simulation (A Study Guide) 2. Crash Analysis With RADIOSS – A Study Guide Thanking You.
  10. SPH-INOUT Condition

    Hi George, I am unable to find out, what is diameter of sph particles is? Can you please specify, how to control diameter of sph particles. Thanking You.
  11. SPH-INOUT Condition

    Hi George, I tried the different alternate and variation with the different properties (i.e. mass, density,pitch etc. [I am unable to find out, what is diameter of sph particles is?], but nothing is working out. Some changes giving weird behavior. I tried changing load collector also. But not getting the desired result. Please suggest something. Thanking You.
  12. SPH-INOUT Condition

    I tried assigning that load collector to some of the existing sph nodes instead of the component. The effect is only applied to the assigned nodes, but there is no effect on the new incoming nodes from inlet boundary.
  13. SPH-INOUT Condition

    Hi George, The problem regarding Inlet and Outlet is resolved. I tried to create wave. I created a wave profile curve and assign it to loadcol IMPDISP to the "water" component. But after some time it is showing error. The error is something like that. Attaching the deck. Please suggest. Thanking You. wo grav_imp dips_0000.rad wo grav_imp dips_0001.rad
  14. SPH-INOUT Condition

    Hi George, As you have done in the previous attachment, i tried with my model. Some part is eliminating at the outlet properly, but some part are not (As in the animation below). Unable to figure out the proper reason for it. Please find the deck attached, if needed. no out pr_0000.rad no out pr_0001.rad
  15. SPH-INOUT Condition

    Hi George, All condition checked as u mentioned and all are in accordance as per your suggestion. Still its not working.