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  1. Dear Sir,


    is there a tutorial for composite forming with HyperForm? I am not able to find anything on the web. I am interested in fiber direction after forming, stresses and maybe resin-nests in production processes.


    Best regards,


    Nikolas Tsombanis

  2. Dear santhosh bhandari,


    I dont know if you have received my answer on the thread "Composite Forming Simulation", thats why i am writing to you directly. Your answer would help a lot and would be very very much appreciated! :-)


    Best regards,



  3. Dear Santu, thank you very very much for your input! This is exactly what i want. Can you please show me how to set up a model like this? This would be the solution to my project, you would help me so so so much. The perfect scenario in the end is to simulate a thermoforming process. So i somehow have to input heat into the organic sheet (all the layers together). Also the layers somehow need to have a friction contact between them, since in reality they are contacting each other by the plastified thermoplastic matrix. But first i want to build a model that looks like yours, where i can see the fibers moving in every layer, see possible wrinkles and stress inside of the layers. Thanks a lot and have a nice day, Nik
  4. i would also like to know if thermoforming simulation of continuous fiber composites is possible
  5. Hello everybody, i want to create a simple forming simulation with composite material. I want to form 2 plies, 0° and 90° fiber orientation. After the simulation, i want to see the fiber orientation etc., as shown here: http://www.altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/hw14.0/help/mfs/mfs.htm?tutorial_post_processing_composite_forming_results.htm Is there any tutorial i can use? http://www.altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/hw14.0/help/mfs/mfs.htm?tutorial_setting_up_composite_forming_sim.htm This doesnt help, since its for sandwiches only. If there is no tutorial: - Where can i create the laminate? Do i just do this in the User-Process Tree or do i have to create a laminate in the Model-Tree and somehow apply it to my blank?