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  1. Blow Molding

    Hello George, Please find the files in dropbox
  2. Blow Molding

    No.... I simply run the file u sent....
  3. Blow Molding

    Hello George, I tried with file u sent. But the problem is still there. Don't know whats wrong?
  4. Blow Molding

    Hello George, I received files but cant open in HM. I am using HM 13 version
  5. Blow Molding

    Hi George, Though Its a warning, my run was stopped. The same problem occurred for corrected model.
  6. Blow Molding

    Hello George, Received your files and i gone through it. I correct my mistakes. Still there is issue. Model checker show only one warning.
  7. Blow Molding

    Hello, I am trying to run analysis of blow molding by referring blow molding tutorial. There is error while running analysis.
  8. Model creation of AIRBAG

    Hi, Actully I want to check pouch shape formation after filling of product in it. My trail with air was successful. but now i want to try with liquid product
  9. Model creation of AIRBAG

    Hello George, Thank You. I will try for it. Can I use other material for pouch filling rather than air. such as water or any other liquid product?
  10. Hiiii

    I want to simulate air filling process in balloon. Suppose I am filling air in Balloon and after its capacity, it get burst. Can I do simulation of this in Radioss?

  11. Model creation of AIRBAG

    Suppose i am simulating air balloon. I am filling air in balloon but after its capacity it get burst. If i want simulate this case, how can i do?
  12. Model creation of AIRBAG

    Can I use other material card instead of Mat law 19 Fabric?
  13. Model creation of AIRBAG

    Hello, I am done with Airbag simulation. Is it possible to check failure of pouch material after air or mass flow in it?
  14. Model creation of AIRBAG

    Hello George, Thank You. Clear with surface creation. Need more help as I proceed further.
  15. Model creation of AIRBAG

    files are not supported. i am using Hypermesh 13.0 Block 130