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  1. Pause and Restart Run in radioss

    Thank you...........
  2. Pause and Restart Run in radioss

    Hello, Is it possible in radioss to pause my run and after some time restart it from previous stage? If yes, How? If any reference material, please provide.
  3. Snap Fit Analysis

    Hello George, Thank you. I already made some changes and run is going on. I remove the plate component and apply load on top surface nodes of cap. Material is same as previous model. Cap is master surface and bottle is Slave surface. I will let you know once run is complete
  4. Snap Fit Analysis

    Hello, Any updates?
  5. Snap Fit Analysis

    Hello George, Please go through attachment. CApping.rar
  6. Snap Fit Analysis

    In earlier run I try it. Still same result. I tried High Density PE for Bottle and Low Density PE for cap.
  7. Snap Fit Analysis

    Hello, In my simulation. I used Type 24 Contact interface. Master Surface is bottle and Slave surface is Bottle. Deformation appears in Bottle. When I reverse the case, Still deformation is in Bottle. My target is to deform Cap. what can I do?
  8. Snap Fit Analysis

    Hello George, I will Try it. Thank you.
  9. Snap Fit Analysis

    Hello, I am doing snap fit analysis for Bottle Cap Contact. I want to check force required for capping of bottle. I used assembly of bottle neck and Cap meshed with Tetra mesh. I used Type 24 Contact, Mat Law 36 for Material and P14 Solid for property. I run the analysis. But the results are not satisfactory. when the cap is forced to fit into neck, Neck deformation seems very high as compared to practical one. Neck deformation looks like waviness which is not practically possible. Capping force is also very high. Almost 1400 N. I think there is mistake in my model. Please help me. I attached video to observe neck behavior. Capping.rar
  10. Snap Fit analysis

    how to check current time step
  11. Snap Fit analysis

    Hii george, Thank you.... It works what are the changes u have done in engine file?
  12. Snap Fit analysis

    Hello George, Thank You. Still There is another issue. I run the analysis. But run time is high and there is no animation files created. cap_0000.rad
  13. Snap Fit analysis

    Hello ' I am doing snap fit analysis for a bottle and cap. I have an error. ERROR ID : 183 ** ERROR IN HIERARCHY (PART TO SUBSET ID) DESCRIPTION : -- PART ID : 1 -- PART TITLE : Bottle REFERS TO UNEXISTING SUBSET ID=2 I refer previous queries regarding same issue. so i check /PART in component. Still issue continues. cap_0000.rad cap_0001.rad
  14. MAT LAW

    Hello George, Thank you.. I will try for it
  15. MAT LAW

    Hello George , Thank you very much. Just one query.... Value use in formula....205000.... Is it a Young's modulus?