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  1. Hello JIF, Again Thanks for your reply. I modeled the coaxial cable according to my specifications, I sorted this out.
  2. CAD Modeling in feko

    Normally I would like to assign the wire (winding) with a certain wire radius. So I used an ellipse to 'pathsweep' the complete winding. I also changed some of the for loop in the script inorder to get what I need. Doing this, avoids some of the intersections, but during the transition of layer 'X' to layer 'y' there is an intersection which is only visible when I assing a certain wire radius. I have an idea of increasing the height of the wire at the corner only where intersection occurs but I am out of ideas. I have attached my model and script. Coil.lua Coil_mod.cfx
  3. CAD Modeling in feko

    Hi JIF, I have a small problem regarding the script. There is always an intersection of wires in the top and bottom part of the winding (to say specifically: at the transition from layer x to layer y). If I just look at the wires there is not any intersection, but when i sweep the wire with an ellipse of certain radius or mesh it with a wire radius then there is an intersection of wires in the top and bottom. I tried myself changing the for loop but still the same problem occurs again. Could you please say how can i define parameters at the transition of layers.
  4. CAD Modeling in feko

    Hi JIF, Thanks a lot for yor suggestions and providing me necessary suggestions. It was really helpful for me. I think I can continue now further
  5. CAD Modeling in feko

    Hi JIF, Unfortunately I couldnot implement the code according to my requirements. If possible could you please go through the script and make necessary corrections. The script works but the shape of the winding is not what I expected. Could you go through it once again and provide me necessary suggestions? Thanks, LG, Sra Coil.cfx Coil_script.lua
  6. CAD Modeling in feko

    Hi JIF, Thanks for your reply. I will try your code. Attached is my solid model. I guess if I used this script I think I will get a square shape rather than the shape of my solid model. I will try what I can do. Regards, Sravan Coil.cfx
  7. CAD Modeling in feko

    Hi, I need help regarding modeling a winding in FEKO. I would like to model a winding with 136 turns. To be clear I have attached a wire model. I would like to have a winding with 16 horizontal layers of same shape as shown in the figure and 8 vertical layers. I also attached a sample of 3D model with 16 horizontal layers which should look like. I was using a polyline to draw layer by layer, but it is taking a lot of time to model it. Could anyone suggest me some other alternative ways or easy process to do this. Or could anyone write a lua script to altleast generate a single layer of wire (fig:wire:2) an dthen remaining I hope I can do it. Thanks
  8. Wire segment radius for a wire port in FEKO

    Hi JIF, I have a question regarding coaxial cable again. I modeled a 20 cm coaxial cable with waveguide ports. But I would like to assign the characteristics to the cable like attenuation, velocity of propagation, Impedance and also shielding characteristics. But with waveguide port, I cannot assign these properties. Could you please say how the real properties of a coaxial cable can be assigned in feko. Thanks, Regards, Sra
  9. Distorted mesh elements in FEKO

    Hello JIF and Andries, Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions. It really helped me. Thanks, Sra
  10. Distorted mesh elements in FEKO

    Hello JIF, It is my CAD model, not an imported mesh. Actually FEKO did not complain about distorted elements, but I get a warning: the results are not converged. I am guessing distorted elements is the problem for convergence. I am using MOM . Even though my model is small enough, FEKO is executing (simulating) the model for long hours. So I was guessing distorted elements is the problem I am using fine mesh which is required. As I change the mesh to standard or coarse the results are not reliable. I couldn't attach the model here due to some confidential issues. Am sorry for that Could you please mention the reason for convergence problem and how can i solve the distorted elements problem. Thanks
  11. Distorted mesh elements in FEKO

    Hello, Could anyone please explain step by step process of removing distorted elements in FEKO. It was explained in the FEKO user manual but it is not clear for me. I have an antenna model and when I simulated, I used to get a warning saying results are not converged. I found the problem that there are lot of distorted mesh elements. So kindly request you to explain step by step process of solving this issue. Regards, Sravan
  12. Wire segment radius for a wire port in FEKO

    Hi JIF, I appreciate for your help and thanks a lot for replying. Regards, Sravan
  13. Batch Simulation in feko

    Thanks Andries. I will try to create a Job scheduler and will update you the process. Regards, Sravan
  14. Batch Simulation in feko

    Hi Andries, Thanks for the answer. But I am not looking for optimization of a parameter. Actually what I mean is, For example, I have 3 different antenna models named '1',' 2', '3',which are different from each other. I would like to simulate an antenna model named as '1', Once this model '1' has completed the simulation, I would like to have feko to take antenna model '2' and then start simulation automatically. Once model '2' is finished then Feko needs to simulate model '3' automatically. So that I need not observe the simulation of every model and again start the simulation for other model. I would like feko to have an application where a script can be written saying that once the model '1' is finished in executing then it need to take model '2' and start simulation, which should be automatic. This is what I am looking for. Regards, Sravan
  15. Batch Simulation in feko

    Hello, Could anyone please answer whether there is an option in FEKO for performing batch simulations. In case if such an option is available in FEKO, can anyone guide me.