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  1. Hi Mr. Prakash Pagadala Thank you for your kindness. As I am out of office, I will let you know tommorow. Sorry for inconvenience. Best regards Wisawanart
  2. Hi Mr. Prakash Pagadala Firstly, thank you for your answer and also sorry for my English comprehension. From previous post, I intend to mean, If some nodes are both slave and master, this condition will be incompatible for RADIOSS right? Best regards Nut
  3. Hi Mr. Prakash Pagadala I am wondering concerning this analysis type (geo non-linear (impl static)) when I used this type the solver shown they have some contact error as post above. That mean, Radioss did not allow to has double contact in one contact group right? After this problem, i tried to set this problem also, I analyzed by using non-linear quasi-static type ,then the result did not convert also. Do you have some tutorial that related to geo non-linear (impl static) type so I want to follow your recommended tutorial to understand in this problem. Best regards Nut
  4. Hi Firstly, I would like to thank for your answer. I tried to analyze the roof crush problem in optistruct, I set up the parameter as following. The vehicle structure, I defined the contact type as freeze. For the rigid plane that press the vehicle body, I defined the slide contact. And also, Analysis type, I used Geo non-linear (Impl static). While I am running the problem, the solver interface shown that they used Optristruct solver, after that, i think, they changed to RADIOSS solver. *** ERROR # 4001 *** Running RADIOSS starter, 151 ERRORs and 53 WARNINGs have been detected. They are listed below. STARTER ERROR: ERROR ID : 556 ** ERROR IN INTERFACE TYPE2 DESCRIPTION : -- INTERFACE ID : 5 -- INTERFACE TITLE : INTER_TYPE2_5 MASTER NODE ID=42374 IS ALSO SLAVE NODE OF ANOTHER INTERFACE TYPE2 STARTER ERROR: . . . The error details are shown as following picture Best regards Nut
  5. ...

    Please help, i would like to solve this kind of problems.
  6. ...

  7. Orthogonal meshing for crash

    Hello As the crash simulation will involve with the stress wave, therefore the orthogonality of each elements are necessary. Then, In hypermesh, they have got some meshing options that consider about the orthogonality or not ? Thank you for your answer Sincerely Nut
  8. Both kinetic energy and internal energy are not consistence!!

    That mean, I have to define the best time step value for this anlysis that have both computational consumption and less mass error right? So, i found that Tscale = 0.65 and Tmin=2.4e-7 both of this conduct to get 0.4 mass err ap[loximately. Many thank for your suggestion Sincerely
  9. Both kinetic energy and internal energy are not consistence!!

    Hi Thank your for your answer, as you said, I should only use the Tsacale= 0.9 and must set Tmin = 0.0 right? Sincerely Nut
  10. Hello As the relation between internal and kinetic energy are completely different, and I have observed during solving DM/M is not zero also. I think, my time step is less enough so, I set Tmin=1e-006, Tscale=0.9. How to adapt this kind of poblem in order to get the better results My model is composed of the deformable tube, rigid wall, solid spot weld and fixture (green color) as picture below. In this analysis, I used the symmetry condition (half part) and defined the impose velocity (10mm/s) constantly at the back side of the tube. If you need more information please tell me, Thank you Sincerely Nut
  11. How to connect two curve together ?

    Many thank ! I already solved it and got energy absorption value.
  12. How to connect two curve together ?

    This file is divided into 2 part during calculation. and I'm waiting for some helping.
  13. How i can connect these curve together?. I would like to integrate this curve in order to get the energy absorption value but, i cant