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  1. This is completely right! I missed that, I always mess with the units conversion. But what is true is that I kept a relation between forces, so everything is in the same scale. The forces that I have input are in N, so they are correct, therefore I dont know what I am doing wrong. If somebody could check the model I would appreciate that. Find attached the file. 2.hm
  2. Hi Rahul, I measured it but the mass is really low, 1 gram... Do you know whay is that happening? I attach you the model. Thank you beforehand, Guillermo 2.hm
  3. Hi everyone, I am buiding a model from a Solid component, so I created a tetramesh and a PSolid property (see picture 3). The simulations goes well, but when I try to open it then I get the other two pictures when I display anything and then when I apply the contour. Something I discover is that I have different components in the model, so when I apply the forces to the different components they start to dissapear, until I apply the force to all of them so this happens. I dont know if the problem is from the set up o from HyperView, but could be both. Any idea about this? Thank you beforehand Guillermo
  4. Thank you very much for your reply, I will take that into consideration!
  5. Hi everyone, I am doing a project for the subject of aerodynamics and I am using AcuConsole for that. I am finding some problems with the CATIA reader I have installed with AcuConsole, so I am thinking now switching the file format to stl (seems more reliable). The problem I am finding now is that I cannot split the model into different surfaces, to assign the airfoil, the sides, etc. I tried to divide the geometry with the feature angle, changing it from 90 degrees to 0.1 and doesn't allow me to pick up any geometry when I create a new surface group. Could you help me to solve that problem? I attached the files if anyone wants to try. Thank you beforehand. Guillermo Flow Domain.stl