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  1. Hi , How to unsmask all 1D elements in a displayed component through scripting kindly help me to solve this issue thanks in advance regards suresh
  2. Hi , i will select one element i need to get attached element list to the element.,i tried using findmark it giving only one layer.but i need the whole list for example find the images. Like this i need to get whole attached elements using scripting Kindly help me to find out the solution thanks in advance regards Suresh
  3. Hi , how to open a already existing powerpoint file using exec command. i tired exec "C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Office/Office14/POWERPNT.EXE" "C:\VSURES33\ppt_documents\CAE.pptx. its working. but i need i will use the command in any system i should not bother about office14 or office10 etc. beacuse each user will different office system so it should support for that. thanks in advance suresh vijayan
  4. Solid ID

    Hi, try this it works set solidIDval [hm_getentityvalue comps $CADcompname solids 0 -byname]
  5. Hi, i created a window using toolkit,window created but automatically toolkit creates a close button in my UI.How can i avoid that kindly guide me to solve this issue kindly find the code which i mentioned below which i used to create a window using toolkit #********************************************************************** variable vars; set myWin [hwt::CreateWindow win \ -noGeometrySaving \ -minSize 200 50 \ -windowtitle "Create GUI " \ -post]; #********************************************************************** and kindly find the attachment which i mention issue as image thanks in advance suresh vijayan
  6. Hi , i am new to hypermesh customization, now i need to get a components names from a FE Model.How can i do that kindly guide me to solve this problem. thanks in advance thanks & regards Suresh Kumar V