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  1. No, issue i have got the solution, thank you.
  2. Dear sir, I am doing Head Impact on ip and plotted the acceleration curves in hyper graph. But i couldnt extract the HIC value from the vehicle safety preferences tool as it is showing rectangular curves as shown in the attachment, can i know how can i get hic values from the curve perfecly in hypergraph?
  3. Internal Energy Higher Than K.E

    Thank You sir, i have set rigids of my model to icog 3 and now its working fine and energy graphs are perfect.
  4. Internal Energy Higher Than K.E

    Dear sir, could you send me the engine file also as i haven't received it with them
  5. Internal Energy Higher Than K.E

    Thank You Very Much sir, i would let all the checks done next time while i run the model.
  6. Hello, In Hyper view there is an option called measures in the tool bar, there u can measure the angle between 3 nodes, hope this would help you.
  7. Internal Energy Higher Than K.E

    Dear Sir, Thanks for the help, i have run the analysis with n=5 and ishell 24 formulation in radioss but the problem couldn't be resolved 1)still the internal energy is high from the start of the run . 2) after 14 iterations its saying time step error is equal to zero, though the mass error is 1.3e-1 at that time and energy error is -8.1 which are acceptable limits. Attached are the pics and out files and please help me with this. Thank You. Ip_solid_n5_0000.out Ip_solid_n5_0001.out
  8. i am using radioss 17 and i ran it as suggested still its the same.
  9. Dear sir, I am trying to do impact analysis of a ball on ip for which i am getting internal energy at high peak from start of the run as shown in the figure, though i used ELFORM 24 (UNDER INTEGRATED WITH HOUR GLASS STABILIZATION) H.G Energy seems to be high and more over there is no energy transfer being happened after the impact can you help me with this?\ Anticipating a positive quick response.
  10. Center Nodes for arc lines

    thank you very much and it helps me a lot.
  11. Center Nodes for arc lines

    Dear sir, I want to create center nodes at these arc lines to create spots at those nodes as there are around 500 lines and it is difficult to create manually, so Is there any script to create center nodes for multiple arc lines at once?

    Thank you sir, cleared the problem and its working fine.

    thank you sir, i am using single surface contact, what should be the physical gap value, as i used 0.001 for self contact and there are no penetrations for single surface contact type 7 and i used the same parameters prescribed by you and still the graph looks same.
  14. DEar sir, i was perfomimg impavt analysis using single surface contact and the problem i have been facing is the contact energy is very high from the start of the run as shown in pics below, later i used the parameters u have suggested in forum, it have been decreased but very slightly, i want to reduce it to below 10% and also i want to know why its happening like that. please check the images for further clarifications. SEcond one is having high ontact energy even though i have followed the parameters you have suggested in forums that is for self contact gapmin= 0.001. PLese hlep me to solve this. Thank you