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  1. hello sir, even though im not getting any errors, it was running always saying constant time step for solid element will my analysis run after this? or terminates? or should i make any changes?


    hello sir, even when i changed the time steps still its showing negative volume and constant time step for solid elements error..i'm dropping the starter out and result out files in drop box. Thank you.

    okay thank you sir, trying it.

    Thank you sir, what are the values in dt brick cst i must use when i use dt noda cst as tscle 0.9 and tmin 1.1e-8 ?

    then only DT/BRIC/CST is enough to define time step for the full model????

    i have used /eng/dt with tscale 0.9 and tmin 1.1e-8 according to my min element size?what should be the tmin? in /dt/brick/cst?

    Hello sir Good morning, I was running the full vehicle model for crash and i am facing the problem in time step for which run is being terminated. Please Help me, thank you.
  8. error id 611 initial penetration

    Sir, i got an error in interfaces saying initial penetrations of value 1.5mm i kept inacti as 6 and all other cards are according to the recommended values from crash book, is there any way to remove these inital penetraions or i have to remove manually?
  9. segmentation violation error

    ya then its fine fine i am following the same and yes i have surface set, ive checked the interface 22 its fine with slave and master and also it is interface between spot and element which are automatically created
  10. segmentation violation error

    Please explain this..
  11. segmentation violation error

    yes sir, i have converted this file from nastran profile to radioss what are the default unit systems for materials after conversion? i gave density as 7.85 e-9 following mpa system for materials but in nastran its mass is 700 kg while in radioss its showing 2700 kgs after non linear material updation
  12. segmentation violation error

    mass of each spring is 0.0015 kg if its default unit system of property card and about 4000 spots are present in my model gives 5 kgs 0nly right? it is correct and what about the tension stifness torsional stifness? they are 1000 kn/mm, 5000kn/mm etc. should i take them in newtons or kn , the unit system of material is mpa and im using mm mpa n ms t system
  13. segmentation violation error

    ok thank you sir.
  14. segmentation violation error

    Good evening sir, I have a problem after having welds my mass of whole vehicle increased from 2.67 to 7 tonnes after spot welds, is it valid or whats thereason for increase in mass
  15. segmentation violation error

    okay thank you sir. i will try with calculate node then.