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  1. Hi George, Thank you, i will try solving by /IMPL/DT/3
  2. Hi George, Thank you for the reply.. Riks method can only be used for static analysis.. If so how can i include the geometric nonlinear and at the same time solve for the buckling
  3. Hi, I am trying a nonlinear geometric analysis in Radioss implicit to study the buckling. I am getting error stating RADIOSS IMPLICIT STOPPED DUE TO TIMESTEP LIMIT ** ISTOP=-2 How can i over come this issue... Please guide me I have tried reducing DT_min to 1e-40 in ( /IMPL/DT/STOP) Set the IMPL/NONLIN ITol values to default ..... but these thing doesn't solve the error. When i tried /IMPL/NONL/SMDISP to see if the issue came from geometric nonlinear. Its solved the issue but my displacement results are too low in SMDISP. How can i solve the issue with IMPL/NONLIN..
  4. Type of analysis

    Hi, Is there any possibility to study the Creep behavior in optistruct

    Hi Prakash, I am using shell and solid elements with contacts. I too have used spring element to overcome the convergence issue( The run didn't start without spring element) Its a large displacement problem.

    Hi, I am doing Nonlinear Geometric analysis of a plate spring model. It errors out as *** INTERNAL PROGRAMMING ERROR # 8011 *** DELETE detects overwriting of data block: elmres. * DATAMANAGER ERROR in subroutine "datamd". Re-checking all lenvec buffers Data MARKER at 1 found 0 expected 2146697216 Data MARKER at 2 found 0 expected 2146697216 What is this error? Please do help me in solving this issue.
  7. Rotary DOF for rbe2

    Hi Prakash, I tried extending the contact surface and now its working. Update me if any findings Thanks for your Support.
  8. Rotary DOF for rbe2

    Hi Prakash, I have dropped the file in your FT link. I tried interchanging master and slave, tried node to surface, surf to surf for the contact @ the free end side. Please help me to overcome the issue
  9. Rotary DOF for rbe2

    Hi Prakash, Thank you for the reply, i tried it and now i am facing an issue with contact. Contact is working but also penetrating. There is no initial penetration. I have used surf to surf contact. but during simulation there is penetration? How can i correct it
  10. Rotary DOF for rbe2

    Hi Prakash, You mean That i should move my independent node of free end to the wall (as shown in image )
  11. Rotary DOF for rbe2

    Hi, I am trying to simulate the plate spring model in Optistruct. Image 1- shows the spring model, its pivot end and a rigid wall Image 2 - the line in red is the expected deformation of spring by 18.5 degree about Y axis. image 3 - The green lines shows the required angular displacement(18.5 degree). Its measured from the wall to the free end of spring I have specified the angular displacement value to the independent node of rb2 at the free ends of the spring. How can i specify that the center of angular displacement as the point on wall?
  12. CONTACT- Node to surface

    Hi Fabiano, Node to node, node to surface and surface to surface all 3 will work for sure, i have used them all
  13. Tie contact

    Hi Ank, Try using node to surface contact. where the nodes are represented by a node set
  14. Work Hardening slope

    Hi, , power law equation K is work hardening slope having unit of stress ? (i.e) H represents the K term in power law. Am i correct ? Please let me know
  15. Nonlinear Transient

    Hi Prakash, Thank You for the support and guidance.