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  1. Composite material

    Dear Sir, I ran a model for Modal analysis and the error message came as per the attached output file.Can you suggest the course of action please ? Thanking you with Regards, V.V.Kuppuswamy Meshed_assy_model_analysis3(latest).out
  2. Composite material

    Thanks for your response and I will check the load case and come back to you.Meanwhile can how one can access Hypermesh version 14.0 files through Hypermesh 13.0 Platform. Thanking you with Regards, V.V.Kuppuswamy
  3. Composite material

    Dear Sir, Thanks for your prompt response.As suggested by you I added DTI units but still showing the error.Please refer attached file.Can you suggest course of action please ? Thanking you with Regards, V.V.Kuppuswamy SeparateMidsurfacedMeshedModel_all connectedmatlpropertiedefinedassigned1.out
  4. Composite material

    Dear Sir, I thank you very much for your response.As per your suggestion I properly assigned the properties re-ran the programme. After running hyper mesh model for modal analysis the following error message I have received.Will you suggest what to do further ?I am attaching out file for your study. " Error:2023. Adams MNF files creation requires DTI,Units " Thanking you with Regards, V.V.Kuppuswamy SeparateMidsurfacedMeshedModel_all connectedmatlpropertiedefinedassigned1.out
  5. Composite material

    Dear Sir, Please find attached entire out file for your consideration. Thanking you with Regards, V.V.kuppuswamy Midsurfaced_bktblock_lid_connected_aasigned.out
  6. Composite material

    Dear Sir, I have created mid-surface assembly, meshed with 2D shell elements,made connectivity check, material and thickness properties defined for all components and properties assigned to various components and run 2D modal analysis.I am getting following message. " Error 1000 in the input data.Incorrect data in field 3.Too many error messages aborting run " What shall I do ? How do I proceed ? Thanking you and Regards, V.V.Kuppuswamy
  7. Composite material

    Dear Sir, How to create mid surface of all constituent parts of an assembly. Every part shall have separate mid surface part. I am retrieving an individual part and creating mid surface.But my trouble is the mid surfaces are getting stored in a single mid surface layer. How to overcome it .Apart from this a comment " pre-existing plates were detected do you want to review the plates " is being received. What shall I do ? Can you help me ? Thanks and Regards, V.V.Kuppuswamy
  8. Composite material

    Dear Sir, Also I found that the tutorials mentioned by you are not relevant to the problem for which I am seeking guidance from you. Under these circumstances can you help me Please ? Thanking you with regards, V.V.Kuppuswamy
  9. Composite material

    Dear Sir, The various tutorials prescribed by you namely HM-3400, HM-3410, HM-3420, HM-3430, HM-3440 seemed to be very difficult Now only I am entering HM-3410 tutorial though I unsuccessfully completed HM-3400 tutorial.Till now I am unable to understand how to establish node to node connectivity between the mating parts. For my problem is there any simpler solution available ? Can you suggest a methodology or a procedure similar to one that is available in " You tube - Hypermesh optistruct 2D mid-surface meshing " Thanking you with regards, V.V.Kuppuswamy
  10. Composite material

    Dear Sir, Alternately is there any method of performing 2D meshing on an assembly with out creating mid surface assembly.will you please let me know and also the procedure,tutorial of the same. Thanking you with Regards, V.V.Kuppuswamy
  11. Composite material

    Dear Sir, Thank you for your reply.But you see whenever you create a mid surface of any assembly you are bound to get clearance between mating parts because it only mid surface assembly but not actual assembly.Under these circumstances how do i proceed ?.Also can you give more details of RBE2 which you have mentioned please.? Thanking you, V.V.Kuppuswamy
  12. Composite material

  13. Composite material

    Dear Sir, For an assembly I have created a mid surface.I have meshed the mid surface.But after meshing in the mid surface assembly how to maintain node to node connectivity between the mating parts.As an example I have attached two parts 1).Box and Bearing bracket. 2).Box and Mounting bracket. Can you guide me is there any command to establish node to node connectivity between bearing bracket and box that is radial connectivity ?(Ref.attachment 1). Also can you guide me to establish node to node connectivity between box and mounting bracket that is connectivity between parallel surfaces ?(Ref.attachment 2) I will be very much grateful to you if you can give me solution. Thanking you with Regards, Yours Sincerely, V.V.Kuppuswamy
  14. Composite material

    Dear Sir, with hyper mesh analysis possible with composite materials ?