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  1. Total strain energy of a part

    Thank you Prakash. I do have strain energy as my output. But I don't know how to use this script to get what I want? Is there any more explanation about how it works? Thanks,
  2. Total strain energy of a part

    I need to find the total strain energy of each component in my FEA model. Is there any tutorial about it?
  3. Multiobjective Optimization

    Is it possible to run a multiobjective optimization in Optistruct?
  4. Hi, 

    I just wonder if you could solve your problem about how to run optistruct externally from MATLAB?

    Since I have the same problem and I couldn't find the solution.

     I appreciate if you can help me about it.




  5. Interface with MATLAB

    Is there any way to call a Hypermesh model from MATLAB? Is there any interface for them. I need to use my FEA model which is a Hypermesh model in an Optimization MATLAB code. How I can recall it in MATLAB? Thanks,
  6. creating gap element

    Hi Prakash, Thank you for the help. But the spot can be either weld or gap. I can create the spot but I don't know how to use it for the gap elements. I appreciate if you can give me some ideas about how to work with the spot.
  7. creating gap element

    Hi, Does anyone know how to create gap elements around a cylinder which is inserted into another part? Thank you, Soraya
  8. Mass calculation in topology optimization

    Thanks a lot @Prakash Pagadala. Regards, Soraya
  9. Different Lattice Types

    Hi @Prakash Pagadala thank you for the reply. I used tetra elements. I changed my mesh elements to Quad I could get different lattice types in final result. So does it mean I should use quad elements to get different lattice types? Thanks, Soraya
  10. Different Lattice Types

    @Prakash Pagadala I am using the student version of Altair and I did the lattice optimization for a beam. I ran the optimization 4 times by using different lattice types in each trial. At the end I am getting the same results for any type of lattice. It means the lattice part in the optimized beam is the same for all cases. I was wondering if you know why this is happening? Thank you,
  11. Hi, I am doing topology optimization for a cantilever beam and I want to know the mass reduction after optimization. Does anyone know how to calculate the mass for optimized result. In lattice optimization , I can import the .fem file into hyperworks and calculate the mass. But for topology optimization, it didn't work. Is there anyway I can calculate the mass for topology optimized results. Thank you, Regards, Soraya
  12. Different Lattice Types

    Thank you very much @Prakash Pagadala. It was really helpful. Regards, Soraya
  13. Different Lattice Types

    Hi, Does anyone know what is the difference between different lattice types( type 1, 2 , 3 and 4) in lattice optimization by Optistruct? And how can I get their properties after optimization? Thank you,