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  1. Type 2 Interface Tutorial

    Can i have a good viedo on how to apply tied contact and what things we need to consider during application of the same ?
  2. Shell element for stress analysis

    which quality criteria are essential for terta mesh ?And what should be their value.
  3. Apply Enforced Displacment

    you need .hm file fo that.
  4. Is Shell elements are appropriate for stress analysis of assembly?
  5. **ERROR ID : 44

    MESSAGE ID : 44 ** ERROR : ABNORMAL END +=============================================================+ | Segmentation Violation | +=============================================================+ | TRACE BACK : | +=============================================================+ | + RADIOSS ENGINE | + SOLUTION PHASE: Processor= 1/ 1 | + MAIN LOOP: Cycle= 0 +=============================================================+ ERROR TERMINATION How to deal with this error ?
  6. **ERROR ID : 760

    NEGATIVE MASS ON NODE ID=28855 getting this error now
  7. **ERROR ID : 760

    If the surfaces are uneven ?
  8. timestep

    what errors can we get if we choose wrong element size or timestep or both?
  9. **ERROR ID : 760

    I am not able to run it.Please suggest me what is the basic thing which I am missing during modelling?That i need to change ?
  10. **ERROR ID : 760

    I created a example which is similar to my problem.Please suggest me solution for this.Please describe the problem solution.In my case i am using 10 noded tetra element instead of 4 noded. Thank you tests.rar
  11. Error # 2148

    For more information, you can download a free copy of optimization book for HyperWorks: http://www.altairuniversity.com/free-ebooks-2/
  12. Hi Ank,


    Please, how can I achieve the following?


    I want to set up an optimization in hypermesh. 


    I want to reduce the size of my model (shape optimization). This will increase the compliance of the model. So I want to use topography optimization to apply beads to the optimized shape such that the original compliance of the model before the shape optimization is preserved (or even become better).


    How can I combine topography and shape optimization in hypermesh?









    1. ank


      http://www.altairuniversity.com/free-ebooks-2/ free copy of this book will definitely help you.

  13. ERROR id : 475

    I want to know what this error mean when i used comp in interface definition of contact: ERROR id : 475 ** ERROR SURFACE BUILD FROM SOLIDS PART NON AVAILABLE OPTION /SURF/PART/Surf_ID FOR CREATING SURFACE 6 FROM A PART OF SOLIDS ;
  14. **ERROR ID : 760

    I checked penetration and removed all interference and penetration.
  15. Error # 2148

    Geom>Temp nodes>clear all, this will remove all the temp nodes in your model.