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  1. Too much stress

    conc. load(force) with triangular nature
  2. Too much stress

    My load is for some small time period say 6 millisecond and i request result for stress result for 12 millisecond.My stresses values rises in later period drastically(almost at the end of 12 millisecond) .What can be the reason for this how i suppose to handle this problem? Thank you
  3. Connecting 3d mesh to 2d mesh

    How to apply this ?Any example?
  4. Tie contact

    No problem like degree of freedom ?
  5. Tie contact

    Is it correct to give tie contact between solid and surface contact.In optistruct and Type 2 contact in radioss ?
  6. Penetrations

    What is problem if i have some penetration but i am able to run the analysis ?
  7. control cards and engine file

    For 2017 version their is direct command to generate these stress and some basic results. Tools>engine file assistance>select create engine file>give some basic information and then done we are ready to export the engine file.
  8. control cards and engine file

    Displacement is default. For stress and other results. Go to engine file and then animation file as shown in following figure.This is much useful for older versions before 13
  9. time varying pressure load

    RD-2020: Direct Transient Dynamic Analysis of a Bracket
  10. Error ID 760

    Segmentation violation is general error and may be due to modelling error. RADIOSS writes out formatted output files from RADIOSS Starter and RADIOSS Engine. It can be *.STA file or a *.STY file. The purpose of the *.STA-file is to save the state of element and then make it possible to include it into a _0000.rad file for RADIOSS Starter.
  11. Contact definition and Type 7

    TYPE = SLIDE (default) will allow the contact surfaces to transfer pressure (contact closed), but it will not transfer anything under tension (contact open). For lateral forces, the SLIDE option will transfer loads until the sliding phase (lateral force > friction coefficient x pressure) TYPE=STICK is interpreted in OptiStruct as an enforced stick condition - such contact interfaces will not enter the sliding phase. The contact will still iterate to transfer pressures with an "infinite friction" coefficient and can also iterate to re-open, if tension forces occur at a later iteration (unlike the "no separation" option known from 3rd party solvers). TYPE=STICK is interpreted in OptiStruct as an enforced stick condition - such contact interfaces will not enter the sliding phase. Also, rotations at the slave node are matched to the rotations of the master patch. The FREEZE condition applies to all respective contact elements, no matter whether open or closed. This means basically, that the two contact surfaces are "glued" and will transfer all loads / motions between master and slave (also known as Tied Contact). Usecase is to connect two parts entirely.
  12. Error ID 760

    It is very general error and may be the error is due to contact.
  13. Visualize shell thickness in Hyperview

    can i get it ?how to use it ?
  14. Initial Penetration Error

    what is the effect of penetration on fea result ?