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  1. View Flux mesh in SimLab

    You are welcome.
  2. Flux Problems

    Hello, Can you send us a screen shot of the error message. Thanks in advance for your response. Best regards.
  3. View Flux mesh in SimLab

    You are welcome. Yes it is possible. To do it, one the project is solved: In data exchange, select export quantity and after select export spatial quantity and formula starting from different types of supports Flux open a window (see attached PPT file) With this method you need to do the same step for each region. In the new Flux version (2018), you can do it by selecting all the region in the same file. Best regards. Mesh_Export_From_Flux.pptx
  4. View Flux mesh in SimLab

    Hi, In the help of Flux you find all steps that you need to do this operation. You follow the steps: In Flux you export your project (step, IGEs… format). Open Simlab and import the (Step, ICES…) file Mesh the device in Simlab Once the device is meshed, you export it In Flux, import the new file that you get from Simlab (project >> Import mesh from a Hypermesh/Simlab/OptiStruct (Nastran) file A link to see Simlab mesh export workflow: C:\Altair\Flux_12.3\Help\Flux\english\Website\index.html Hope this will help. Best regards.
  5. Coil conductor resistance value

    In the case when you put a resistivity in the non-meshed coil, this means that Flux compute the resistance of the non-meshed coil. In the other hand, if you put a value of the resistance in the circuit (coil conductor), in this case Flux makes the sum of the both resistance: non-mesh coil resistance and coil conductor resistance. Best regards.
  6. Coil conductor resistance value

    In this case, the value of the resistance that you put in the stranded coil conductor includes the resistance of the active part and the end winding resistance. to compute this resistance you can use the formula: R=resistivity*length/surface
  7. Non managed error which has stopped solving process

    Can you check the formulation that you use? (in the application try to use automatic formulation) If the problem persiste can you send me your Flux project (asoualmi@altair.com) Thanks
  8. Anisotropic Magnet

    To compute the correct behavior of an anisotropic magnet in 3D, you create a magnet with anisotropic material.
  9. parameters name when importing FLUX object

    When you yhave two parameters with same name, you try to pût oneparemter in the other. I means by this when you edit the second parameter you will find the value of the first paremter. than if you need to change the value, you change just the value of the first parmeter
  10. The mechanical set rotation is impossible

    Thanks you for your respone. Can you send me your Flux projet on zip format (asoualmi@altair.com) Best regards.
  11. The mechanical set rotation is impossible

    Hello, can you check if the affectation of the face régions are correct (separate the moving and fixed part). The second thing, can you check your mechnical sets (rotor) if you have select the correct axis (along z axis). Best regards
  12. parameters name when importing FLUX object

    In this case I think we need to create a macro because in Flux we don’t have any function that allows us to do this. Best regards.
  13. Periodicity error

    In addition to the answer of Federico853, when you create you infinite box you can use the command “complete infinite box” this allows to create a linked mesh between the lines on the plan perdiodicity and the line on the x plan. Best regards.
  14. Meshing problems

    Hello, In your case you need to refine the mesh between the device and infinite box. For example create a line discretization and affect it to the line between the infinite box and your device. Also you can change the mesh generator. To do it: Tools >> mesh and geometry options >> edit: mesh: you can select a method for automatic mesh generator Hope this will help you. Best regards.
  15. Magnetic Field Density in empty Space

    Hi, You can set the infinite box invisible. To do it: Geometry Domain Infinite box Right click, set invisible With this you can see just a Flux line (isovalues) of your device without infinite box. Don’t hesitate to contact us again. Best regards.