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  1. Hello all, I am working on non linear geometry problem. I am creating the contact between parts. Parts having the thickness penetration because i will change the thickness frequently. For that i need to assign the clearance parameter for the contact. Please help .
  2. Hello all I am doing a optimization on chassis assembly. RBE2 Elements used to represent Welds and bolts. I want to add the elements (hexa and penta) which are connected with RBE2 elements in the non design space. Please help me how to add this in non design space. Optistruct have any option to add those element automatically.
  3. Hello All, Is it possible to combine two penta to hexa in hypermesh. If tcl is available to combine penta to hexa please let us know.
  4. Hi George, Thank you for the reply. I will try it and let you know. One more question my analysis starts with energy error of 99% after some cycle it becomes 0.5% is it normal or do i need to check any thing in the model. I am currently running quasi static simulation which is better AMS or CST.
  5. Hello George I using hypercrash to model. Please help how to create in hypercrash.
  6. Hello all, I have modeled the parts with hexa penta elements. And rigid tube is used to pull the parts. I want to create contact between the solid elements. I have tried the self contact it is not working. I created the rigid tube as master and others are slave that is also not working. Please help me how to proceed.
  7. Hello tinh, Can you help me how to ignore the errors by using catch
  8. Hi Tinh, Please can you help me how to debug the script using hypermath interface with hypermesh in debugging mode
  9. Hello Nguyen-dai, I can able to select the elements with in the some feature angle ( ex 50 degree) elements by face option. Now my question is how to deselect the elements by feature angle.
  10. Hello all, please any one can help deselect the nodes or elements by feature angle through scripts.
  11. Hello all, I am doing NLGEOM loadcase is it possible to print contact force in the .out for each contact. How to see the contact force between master and slave.
  12. Hello all, I am doing NLGEOM loadcase is it possible to print contact force in the .out for each contact. How to see the contact force between master and slave.
  13. Hi George, Thank you for the answer. Is it any other way is available,For example sofware like abaqus create a set with penetrating elements and remove those elements from contact by creating *contact exclusion keyword.
  14. Hi George, Thank you for the reply. AMS working fine and i have a model with lot of penetration. But it is not my interest of area .Is it possible to exclude those elements from the contact.