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  1. missing normal termination

    I'm having the same error with RADIOSS 2017.2.1 starter file. Has this issue been resolved yet? If so, kindly advise please. Thanks, Shawoon
  2. Hello, I'm running a RADIOSS incremental simulation; after simulation it doesn't write any .sta file. I've checked my engine deck where state file is option is defined: /STATE/DT 0.002375000000000 0.002375000000000 4 I'm attaching my engine deck file here. Can you please tell me if anything else I'm missing? Thanks, Shawoon modelC_0001.rad
  3. Pressure Analysis of a deformed gasket

    Hi @Prakash, I tried applying load through NLOAD before as you suggested; it didn't work. It came up with a different error: *** ERROR # 1358 *** Referenced ID 1 in NLOAD, but missing in BULK DATA. Do you think I need to create a separate NLOAD card in this case? Thanks in advance. -_Shawoon
  4. Hi, I'm trying to do a pressure analysis in a compressed gasket. I did a compression analysis of a gasket to generate a deformed gasket body using RADIOSS. Now, I need to add pressure on the selected areas of gasket in OptiStruc. I used MAT 1 with MATX 42 card for my material to run an nonlinear explicit dynamic analysis. But, I'm encountering this error message: *** ERROR # 4028 *** No load is defined in EXPDYN subcase 1. Looks like I'm not defining the load collector properly. Can anyone suggest me to resolve this error please? I'm attaching the model file to check. Thanks, Shawoon gasketdeformed.hm
  5. Error Output - Stack Overflow

    Turns out to be a problem related to the Antivirus & Firewall settings which wasn't allowing the RADIOSS solver to access memory in the system.
  6. Error Output - Stack Overflow

    Hi, I'm trying to set up a stamping simulation using crashform. Looks like I'm getting this following error: 13/03/2017 Error output from the solver: ============================== forrtl: severe (170): Program Exception - stack overflow Image PC Routine Line Source e_14.0.220_win64. 000000014249DAB7 Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 0000000140B34377 Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 00000001406576F5 Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 000000014024D91C Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 000000014239459C Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 000000014238ED17 Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 0000000142385DC8 Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 000000014237EBFC Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 000000014022E0AC Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 00000001400B7F19 Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 0000000140010EF7 Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 00000001400012CD Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 0000000140001049 Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 0000000142497A2C Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 00000001424796BB Unknown Unknown Unknown KERNEL32.DLL 00007FFF0E962D92 Unknown Unknown Unknown ntdll.dll 00007FFF0EF89F64 Unknown Unknown Unknown Restart file MAR13_0001_0001.rst was not created. Missing "NORMAL TERMINATION" in output file MAR13_0001.out. radioss:: Solver run finished after 4 minutes. I'm attaching the .out file here also. Can anyone suggest me to resolve this error? Thank you. --Shawoon MAR13_0000.out
  7. error 612/750

    Hi George, Here is the _0000.rad file. Let me know if it works. Thanks, Shawoon rev11v1_0000.rad
  8. error 612/750

    Hi Prakash, I changed the parameters as suggested above; looks like still giving having the same Error ID 750 for my model. Can you suggest me if I need to check some other things please? Thank you in advance. Regards, Shawoon