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  1. I had checked the same and both addresses are same on my PC.
  2. Hello, I had installed the files and the license and had checked the ethernet ID but still, the following problem pops out when I try to open the hyperworks.Also, I had attached the license directory.
  3. The problem is in the connection.
  4. Still the thing is not working sir.
  5. Sir, I am trying to perform pedal topology optimisation but I am getting large displacement(power of 10^8).
  6. Sir, I am trying to perform pedal topology optimisation but I am getting large displacement(power of 10^8).
  7. Thank you
  8. Hi,' I am trying to import system as provided in Baja student document but I am not been able to open it.
  9. In the reply mail for HyperWorks 14.0 installation request, there is a license application forum with a column " Name of the CAD/CAM/CAE Faulty".What does that mean?
  10. I have a simple query that how can we impart a force at a particular distance.Is there any option to create distance from a particular point?
  11. I am not able to do it, sir.I request you to please do it so that I could move forward.
  12. yes sir sure.I had just drop that in your secure file dropbox
  13. I am Having some problem in radioss solver .It shows the following message:- RADIOSS Starter version 13.0 Command line arguments help: -help / -h : Print this message -version / -v : Print RADIOSS release information -input [FILE] / -i [FILE] : Set RADIOSS Starter input file -nspmd [INTEGER] / -np [INTEGER] : Set Number of RADIOSS SPMD domains -nthread [INTEGER] / -nt [INTEGER] : Set Number of SMP threads per SPMD domain -notrap : Disable error trapping ==== End of solver screen output ==== ==== Job completed ====
  14. Hello sir, I do want to know how to add mass to a rbe2 rigid using admas in radioss?What are the significance of the elements M,M-ADV0,M-ADV1,SPHCEL?
  15. Hello sir, I am having a problem in a dynamic crash test of the vehicle.What happens is that the vehicle used to come back after hitting the wall but I want the simulation to end once after hitting the wall.Also, Is it possible to make a dynamic crash test or head on collision of two identical vehicle in radioss?If yes,how?