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  1. Hello everyone, I want to get stress/strain vs. time curve in hyperview, but I have only learned how to do linear static analysis in hypermesh. I try it in hypermesh, but I only get one point in the hyperview 2D plot as the picture shown. I want to know if there are any video or may you tell me how to choose those cards can I get the stress vs. time curve in hyperview. Thank you so much for you time. ~~(^_^)
  2. Hi @Prakash Pagadala, Thank you for your reply. When I see your advice and I reopen this model in hyperview, the strain energy is in the result--> scalar. Maybe I made some mistakes at before. Surprising~~ Thank you so much~~(^_^)
  3. Hi, everyone I have get some problem when I try to get the strain energy in hyperview like this video show:http://www.altairhyperworks.com/training/new_feature_videos/11/videos/result_math_PartTotalStrainEnergy_final/result_math_PartTotalStrainEnergy_final.htm. And I get a screenshot --video.png-- for easy to understand. The GLOBAL_OUTPUT_REQUEST of control card have been set in hypermesh as the screenshot hm.png shown. But when I use Optistruct to analysis this model, it doesn't have the strain energy in result->scalar as hv.png shown. I am not very sure if I have miss some points. I want to get the strain energy of whole model to make sure my matlab code is correct. Thank you so much for your help, any advice will be appreciated. (^_^)
  4. Hi, @Q.Nguyen-Dai I send the question to support@altair.com..They reply that hyperworks doesn't support to get this direction.. thank you so much..
  5. hi, @Q.Nguyen-Dai Thank you so much for you reply. I am so sorry for I didn't express my question clearly. As your screenshot shows, different element have principal stress with different direction. I just want to get the direction/angle in numerical. Then I can calculate something based on this direction. I don't know if I have right expressed what I want to get. I want to a direction in numerical, such as l=(0,0,1) which means the major principal stress direction of one element parallel with Z-axis. Then the l=(0,0,1) is what I want to get. best wishes Donggua
  6. hello,everyone I just want to know how could I get the direction or angle of principal stress, as it show in the tensor plot. I have been struggling with this problem since yesterday, but I didn't get anything. Thank you for you time..so..much.. Any advice will be appreciated.
  7. hello everyone, I want to get the principal stress direction in hyperview by TCL, as direction showing in the figure. I have get the principal stress(tensor value) of this element, but I don't find how to get the directions correspond with the principal stress. Thank you for your time..so..much..
  8. I have solved this problem by polQueryCtrl and polQueryIterator, as code showing in the picture.
  9. hello, everyone I want to get the topology optimization result in hyperview, such as displacement, stress state, elements desity and so on. But I don't know how to get those data. Hyperworks do not write out the hyperview command to command.tcl. And I try to get it throught hyperview hierarchy, as show in the figure. I do not find what I need. I have no idea if somethig wrong. Thank you for you any advice.
  10. O.K..It worked... Thank you so much...
  11. Hello everyone, I want to create node in TCL, and then I use the *createnodesbetweennodes command, but I can't get the node id of the node it's created, because the result is store in reject mark, I think, but I can't access this mark. I think the hypermesh's modify command is used in display. And the query command is used to query info. I don't know if it's correct. Thank you for you any help so much..
  12. Hi Prakash Pagadala Thank you for your help.. I have solve this problem by updating bar2 with all upadate options.. Thank you all the same..
  13. Hello,everyone. I am a new user of the hyperworks. And I want to analysis a .iges file with many lines as you can see in the attachment. I want assign the lines with beam property. The problem I get is that when I use 'line mesh' with pbeaml(beam section is a circle) , bar2, and auto settings, some lines can't be assign the property correctly, as you can see in the .png file(the picture). I guess the direction of the beamsection is not correctly set, because when I analysis it by optistruct, I get an error that the 6~8 field of cbeam is zero length. But I want if there any method can generate what I want correctly. I want analysis a more complex lattice model(with lines in all direction), and before this I use this simple model as a practise. Thank you for you time, and any advise will be appreciate. grid_lattice.igs