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  1. Hello, You can merge the bodies attached together. When a component is in motion and other components are attached with this component and have similar motion and there is no joint you can use merge option Using a Fix Joint at that location will Lock your motion Go to Project Browser and Select all bodies which you wanted to merge and Right Click and Click on Merge Bodies option and rename it and your body will merge. And your selected body will work as single body
  2. Please refer below image.
  3. Hello, You can change the direction of gravity in MotionView. Please Follow below steps: Go to Project Browser > Data Sets >Solver Gravity And you can see Value -9810 in Z component, that represents Gravity in Z Direction ('-' sign indicate downword direction) You can Change it to Y component 9810 and other two component X & Z are 00.00 ('-' or '+' sign as per your model )
  4. Also referrer this below link to Know more about HyperWorks Student Edition :
  5. Hello Dhaval, Here are some Limitation of HyperWorks Student Edition Model size limitations Structural models (RADIOSS; OptiStruct): 100,000 nodes CFD models (AcuSolve): 500,000 nodes Multi Body models (MotionSolve): 200 bodies
  6. Dhaval, Please Save your file as IGES or STEP file and try to import or save as HM file you can import IGES,STEP and HM file to MotionView Student Edition.
  7. Find Client Selector.mp4
  8. Hello Krunal, There is no issue with your version. please follow the steps: in Main menu>View>Toolbar>HyperWorks>Client Selector you will find this client selector on your graphic area and you can drag it to client specific tool bar.
  9. Krunal, don't worry you can access motion view directly from HyperWorks icon, open HyperWorks and HyperMesh GUI will open just go to client selector and you can jump to MotionView I have attached GUI of MotionView, from that Client selector Icon you can Jump to HyperView,HyperGraph,HyperMesh,MotionView etc.
  10. OK, in this case you have to select different option there are two options one is transnational motion and second is Rotational motion, so by default there will be transnational motion. you have to manually change it to rotational motion and give appropriate expression for motion.
  11. please explain what type of error is it showing? or Share your model.
  12. Hello dhaval, please Check the below steps for cylindrical joint Step : 1 Create point> Create Body> Create joints > Create Motion Step : 2 In motion option select joint and go to property and give proper expression for motion and try to run your model.
  13. There is another way Open your geometry in HyperMesh (during importing take care of Units) Create Points for your joints location in HpyerMesh and Save Location of your points and use that value in MotionView (Hypermesh: Geometry>Nodes>XYZ>> Click on nodes and you will get coordinate location value)