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  1. Ayush, This system represents Vehicle Body after that you can manually attach subsystems like Steering,Suspension,Tires etc
  2. Krunal, You can use NLFE Helical spring system Click on NLFE Helical Spring option on GUI and enter your parameters and save your model
  3. Pradip, please download vehicle library from below attached file. this vehicle library for multi-body dynamics contain all models and assembly shown in YouTube video Please extract it to specific folder and you can work on it. 4_Student Vehicle Library.zip
  4. Dear Team, For your Problem 1: Create Output > Select Force > Click on body and Select your body and run analysis you can view the result to view Result go to hyper view > Click on vector icon > and check mark value and apply PFA
  5. Sir, In reference to the previous conversation on the doubt regarding the multi body dynamics , we have the following problems . PROBLEM 1 :- How to find the forces on a particular member ( lower A-arm)when the vehicle is in dynamic condition like bump force, forces at the time of cornering through MBD? PROBLEM 2 :- We have done some analysis through supra template on MOTION VIEW but how to change the rotational orientation of the joints such as ball joints And to create joints in Motion View REGRESILY WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY. Thanking You, TEAM BRAVADO MOTORSPORT
  6. Hello, You can merge the bodies attached together. When a component is in motion and other components are attached with this component and have similar motion and there is no joint you can use merge option Using a Fix Joint at that location will Lock your motion Go to Project Browser and Select all bodies which you wanted to merge and Right Click and Click on Merge Bodies option and rename it and your body will merge. And your selected body will work as single body
  7. Please refer below image.
  8. Hello, You can change the direction of gravity in MotionView. Please Follow below steps: Go to Project Browser > Data Sets >Solver Gravity And you can see Value -9810 in Z component, that represents Gravity in Z Direction ('-' sign indicate downword direction) You can Change it to Y component 9810 and other two component X & Z are 00.00 ('-' or '+' sign as per your model )
  9. Also referrer this below link to Know more about HyperWorks Student Edition : http://www.altairuniversity.com/free-hyperworks-2017-student-edition/
  10. Hello Dhaval, Here are some Limitation of HyperWorks Student Edition Model size limitations Structural models (RADIOSS; OptiStruct): 100,000 nodes CFD models (AcuSolve): 500,000 nodes Multi Body models (MotionSolve): 200 bodies
  11. Dhaval, Please Save your file as IGES or STEP file and try to import or save as HM file you can import IGES,STEP and HM file to MotionView Student Edition.