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  1. Rashalt, We have already have solved this query. Kindly refer the below provided link -
  2. Dear Vaman, Can you share your model files & information regarding your simulation ? Once you provide the same. will revert you back over the same. This forum is open for everyone, so kindly do not share your model file over forum .Kindly use below provided Drop-box link to share the model for secure file transfer.
  3. This is Open Forum & anyone can access you file. So kindly share the model Files through "Drop-box only"
  4. Dear Student, we could not able to locate your file. Can you drop the same on below provided Drop-box link. Once you provide the same. we will help you in that case.
  5. Dear Student, Kindly refer below provided Tutorial Files , which will help you to learn & understand the Analysis Part - You can refer to Altair India Student Contest YouTube Channel to learn the next stage. Do like Share & Subscribe our YouTube Channel !!
  6. Hello Jahnavi, PFA doc for the same which will solve your doubt regarding the same. 6 Random Response Analysis of a Flat Plate.zip
  7. Dear Afzal, You there are 2-3 ways to solve this Meshing Quality Criteria - 1. Refer the Manual Quality improvisation methods Tools > Check elem > Select respective quality Criteria Save Failed > Mask > Elements Retrieve > Mask > Reverse Shift + F2 ( Add nodes ) & rectify them. This method have been explained in "3-Meshing Video" you can use the similar process for 2D shell elements too. 2. Refer to QI Mesh Creation Methods PFA document which will help you to generate QI Mesh generation. 3. One more method is there. It is ok, if you are running it base run to know the behavior of your model. But we do not recommend for final run. ( You need to have reasonable Mesh Quality to start the run skipping element Criteria Check ) Analysis > Control Cards > Param > Mark "CHECKEL" > say "NO" ( This will start the run without referring to Quality Criteria, but reasonable mesh quality should be present ) 18_QI Mesh Creation.zip
  8. Dear Student, You have Four Colors showing Four respective edges in a geometry 1. Red Color - Free Edges 2. Green Color - Shared Edges 3. Blue Color - Suppressed Edges 4. Yellow Color -Non-manifold Edges You have different methods for rectifying them as per their importance. PFA documents for Geometry Connections & to remove unnecessary free edges. We have Video for the same to "Import & repair CAD geometry" 6_Importing and Repairing CAD.zip
  9. is it showing any error or you are just not able to see element density ?
  10. Dear Student, Can you share your inputs ( CAD model Files & objective ) for this ? Based on that we can proceed further. Meanwhile if you are coming across such cases, & want to know required properties , then you can go through below provided link to watch Radioss for Nonlinear Crash Analysis Altair India Student Contest YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1u26y75SCrA_BOCLaSewVCNY7xRvCTnA
  11. Dear Niranjan, You can check for "Connectivity Issue" & check the faces for the same component. You need to equivalence the same & proceed further for Optimization. Meanwhile if you still have the same issue after this, then kindly share your model in below provided drop-box link.
  12. Dear Student, kindly check for two cases - 1. Connectivity - Check for the edges & equivalence those edges. Further verify the connectivity edges & increase the tolerance value for local connectivity issue. You need to repeat the process until you remove all free edges & you should have free edges along the outer surface edge locations only. 2. Use of Non-design space in Optimization - If non-design part is also considered while optimization , this indicates the properties which you have created are not assigned properly to Design & Non-design region. Kindly check & apply the suggested changes...Let me know , if the problem still persist. Kindly do not share your file over this forum. This is open Forum & anyone can access your model file. You can refer my drop-box link to share the model file. ( You can refer my Signature for the same ) Best Regards, Praniket Palkondwar Contact Number: +91 9762962194 EDU Support Team : Altair India Web : www.altairhyperworks.in/aoc Online EDU Tech Support Forum Email : edu-support@india.altair.com Drop-box : https://ftin.india.altair.com:8443/filedrop/~PfJQ9h REGISTER NOW for our FREE Online Training Series on Altair HyperWorks, March 01-21, 2017
  13. Dear Student, You need to provide the "Name & Contact details of CAD / CAM / CAE Faculty " You have to provide the details of the same in excel sheet.
  14. Dear Student, For HW SE 14.0, we do not support Win 10 officially. For more information you can refer - http://www.altairuniversity.com/hyperworks-14-0-student-edition-overview/ But, Students can run the same setup in compatibility mode for installation - For Compatibility Setting - ( Students should try with your own responsibility ) 1. Run the install .EXE file with compatibility settings. just right click the file, click Troubleshoot Compatibility, and follow the instructions. or 2. Students can follow the below provided under your own discretion - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-IN/windows-8/older-programs-compatible-version-windows or 3. On softer notice, you can google for compatibility settings under your own choice.
  15. Dear Sir, I am using Win 10 OS. i wanted to know how can i install HW SE 14.0 on my PC. Kindly guide over the same ASAP.