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  1. Hello sir I’m working on a structural transient analysis and I’m facing some doubts. I kindly request for your suggestion. Similar to OS-1315: Modal Transient Dynamic Analysis of a Bracket Input: I’m working on the bracket which is of 2mm thickness. Constrain and excitation is at the same point of location(bolt connection) Acceleration 50g Nominal shock duration = 11ms nominal shock shape = half sine In OptiStruct: In TIME STEP load collector i have used N=100 and increment=0.00011 (I have considered 100 steps for the time of 0.011seconds) In TABLED1 load collector i have assigned x1=0 ,y=0, x2=0.0055, y=50, x3=0.011,y=0 In SPCD load collector i have assigned x=9810 (applying only along x direction) In TLOAD1 load collector i have used Type=Acceleration Please let me know whether the input i have assigned is right are not. Regards Vinay
  2. How to convert hyperform .sta file (deformed part) to Optistruct .fem file, because I need to do modal analysis of that deformed part in Optistruct user profile.
  3. Hi Sir, I have deleted setting files and tried again, but I'm getting the same problem.
  4. Hi friends I'm practicing the incremental analysis(User process,HF-3002) tutorial in Hyperform, but I'm getting error like "hm_getvalue : Sets with 139 is not a valid entity" while creating drawbeads. please find the attached image for further reference and do the needful. Thank you Regards Vinay Patel