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  1. Dynamic Stiffness in Hypermesh

    What's your definition of "dynamic stiffness"?
  2. Temperature mapping.

    Try method "linear interpolation" "nodes" => fine mesh "file" => temperature field from txt file in form : X-coordinate Y-coordinate Z-coordinate Temperature
  3. Edit Mesh

    What do you mean "switch the position"?
  4. Bone Meshing

    Screenshot? Model HM? Why you need "hex" meshing? Limitation of solver?
  5. Non selected surface

    When you work with solid elements, I think you have to define design/non-design area on solid elements, not surfaces.
  6. Non selected surface

    Your geometry is 3D (solid) and you're trying to define design/nondesign zones over surfaces?
  7. solid face offset

    Maybe that works too. Try it.
  8. solid face offset

    One method: Extract surfaces from solid. Make offset for wanted surfaces Build closed surfaces Create new solid from closed surfaces
  9. Progressive Mesh

    Hey, triangular elements are NOT "bad" elements :-) Bonne continuation!
  10. Progressive Mesh

    Don't forget : if you add more meshing contraintes, the quality will decreased. So you have to accept some compromises. C'est la vie :-)
  11. HW 2017 Issue on Win7 Enterprise

    Your hardware (PC, graphic card,...) is supported by Altair?
  12. Server based license error

    Hey, that's NOT problem! That's Altair's feature!
  13. Server based license error

    Normally, you will found some information within server log file which explains your problem. Without server log, I can't help more.
  14. Server based license error

    So where is error message? With some posts I see that you have at least 3 different license servers, really?
  15. Parallel computing

    You want to setup a cluster, really? Firstly, HPC Cluster costs a lot more than PCs. In general you can't do it yourself. Have a look at HPC Vendor around. @Prakash Pagadala What you are proposing is just from Altair Software side. Before arrived to that point, with cluster, you have to have configured "Hardware".
  16. Server based license error

    I can't download your file:
  17. Server based license error

    Could you post server log file?
  18. Results from Ansys 18.2

    No way. ANSYS 18.2 is latest release of ANSYS for this moment. This release is (maybe) supported by latest release of Hyperworks, but not v13 nor v14.
  19. temporary nodes visibility

    Version of your installation Hypermesh? How about your graphic card?
  20. Selection of node

    Some screenshots or HM model to better understand your problem?
  21. Stress singularity in chassis 2D analysis.

    If the stress is very "local", found in very small area, it's purely NUMERICAL, NO PHYSICAL. You can ignore.
  22. Results from Ansys 18.2

    Aiiiiie, too old for Ansys 18.2 I think. Try v2017.2 !
  23. license error

    Your errors relate to Network License Server. While your student license file is of type "Nodelock", I think. So my question is "Where're servers B499BA..., 0024D7...., 00FF2EE....?????"
  24. Results from Ansys 18.2

    In general, HV can detect automatically the reader depending to your results. If you see this windows, it means that HV can not found the reader automatically. Your version of Hyperview?
  25. Results from Ansys 18.2

    Model Reader = nodes, elements, sets,... Results Reader = Displacement, Stress,...