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  1. https://www2.gdtech.eu/wp/2018/02/fill-gap-two-shell-meshes/

    Both are Opensource Programming language so there's a lot of learing resource on Internet.
  3. Hypermesh

    Some screenshots to better understand your question?
  4. If I understand correctly, here's my test: Create external skin of all 3 components: Got "^faces" : Make solid elements by "elem offset" : And got final layer boundary : Is that you're looking for ?
  5. Your grain boundaries cover whole microstructure? And you want to make them as solid elements?

    Try this code: *clearmark elements 1 *createmarkpanel elements 1 "Select element" *appendmark elems 1 "by adjacent" set eList [hm_getmark elems 1] puts "Adjacent Elems= $eList" HTH,
  7. How change the Element Type and Order in Hypermesh

    No no, update "Property" for your Meshing component !
  8. How change the Element Type and Order in Hypermesh

    Read my post ... carefully! After defining "Type" and "Property", you have to update your 1st order component yet?
  9. In general, if you don't know how to do that manually, you CAN not write your script.
  10. How change the Element Type and Order in Hypermesh

    Hey, after changing your elements to 1st order (3D => order change ), you HAVE to : Define a new "Sensor" for 1st order type element. I take SOLID45 as example Define a new "Property" for SOLID45 type: Update your 1st order component: Here're my tests models: ansys-1st_order.hm ansys-2nd_order.hm HTH
  11. How change the Element Type and Order in Hypermesh

    SOLID164? https://www.sharcnet.ca/Software/Ansys/17.0/en-us/help/ans_elem/Hlp_E_SOLID164.html or SOLID45? http://www.ansys.stuba.sk/html/elem_55/chapter4/ES4-45.htm
  12. That takes 5' to do in interactive session Hypmermesh. Why you need script for this?
  13. Equvivalent elements for welding.

    Move your 1st plate to in contact with the 2nd if you don't like to deform a little elements.
  14. Importing NASTRAN bdf / Exporting ANSYS cdb - no elements

    Maybe you need do "conversion" from NASTRAN to ANSYS solver after imported? Have a look at my screenshot: After that, you got good Ansys model which can be exported to CDB without problem. HTH, PS: I used HW 2017.2.1