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  1. Whatever learning at home or at school, it's very good for learning Your part is simple to mesh. So have a look at Hypermesh tutorials and try it. When you have some difficulties, ask here. But the most important thing is try to do firstly.
  2. Standlone licence for Home Practice

    Are you student?
  3. Visualize shell thickness in Hyperview

    A small TCL script to export thickness information into HWASCII format from Hypermesh and you can visualize within Hyperview no problem.
  4. rbe2 and rbe3 connector

    In short: RBE2 = a rigid element which adds stiffness RBE3 = an interpolation element used to distribute mass and loads
  5. Why solidworks file can't be shown in hyperworks?

    When you import and you see nothing it means that importation was failed.
  6. Memory allocation

    I think when you "allocate" 1500MB memory, Optistruct solvers understands that's the MAX limit of memory. So if your model is not so big the real used memory will be smaller that allocated value.
  7. Different setting between version 14 and 2017

    Maybe a bug of Optistruct's FE output template?
  8. Error message property

    Sorry, I mean 2D mesh
  9. Error message property

    Forget to remove 3D mesh?
  10. Cannot show label title on buttons on linux?

    It's useless to do that under Ubuntu Keep your Ubuntu box for ... playing and look for a RHEL/CentOS box for working!
  11. Cannot show label title on buttons on linux?

    I know this issue. In fact, Hyperworks DOES NOT SUPPORT Ubuntu Linux. Try CentOS (RHEL compatible) Linux. It works well.
  12. Mesh connectivity between two spherical surfaces

    For contact condition, you not need to make coincident mesh between two parts.
  13. Mesh connectivity between two spherical surfaces

    Screenshot? Model HM?
  14. HMopengl.exe stops woking

    Yeah, try to reinstall the software. If the issue is always there, maybe hardware is the cause.
  15. @Roy Duan: Yes, I forgot to tell you modify pshell card for membrane behavior only. Here's my used pshell card: