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  1. If you can not found FIDAP Neutral format within support solver, that means this format is not yet supported by Hypermesh. However, Hypermesh is "open system", you can write yourself the output template to get your output.
  2. Try this:
  3. No automatic way to do that; IMHO. Make upper mesh. Project to lower surface and then make some manual corrections in order to fit mesh => equivalent nodes.
  4. file format

    You are speaking about "Nastran", "LMS VirtualLab", "RecurDyn",... so my question is "What's related to Hyperworks?"
  5. Try method "Solid map" if you want hex meshing.
  6. Because your element is too BIG comparing to geometrical dimensions. Decrease your element size! Why mesh pipe surface with TRIA type? Why not use QUAD?
  7. @Merula: Your geometry does not have "fixed point" at this place. Do do as suggestion of @Rahul R. I confirm No bug of software about this issue.
  8. Your HM model is not readable for me. If you are completely new to HM, I would like to suggest you try with only 8 units firstly. When I know how to do with small example, you cound make the same with real size model.
  9. Pictures?
  10. Share some pictures?
  11. Depending to: Your goal of analysis: high precision? low precision? Your computing capacity: CPU? RAM? Your experiences The "Perfect mesh" does not exist Only the good one which better presents your needs, better exploit your hardware,....
  12. Splitted surfaces have always shared edges. So the mesh will be connected correctly on shared edges.
  13. You have to split your surfaces, not component. When you have several surfaces (sub-domain) you can make the mesh with different density.
  14. For BC, I think you have to define yourself within Hypermesh before exporting into Optistruct format.
  15. That why I asked him to check input (CFD pressure)