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  1. Query on meshing

    You can NOT get "good" results with "poor" mesh, sure! But you can make a "fine" mesh within critical area for "better" results.
  2. Solid mapping

    Here's my mesh: If you can't read HM model 2017.2, try FEM format. HTH, holder_solidmap_fem.zip holder_solidmap.hm
  3. Quality criteria

    For Tetra mesh, generally, I check "jacobian", "aspect", "skew" and "tet collapse".
  4. Solid mapping

    Could you share the model?
  5. To mesh an ellipsoid

    How you got your ellipsoid? I can't extract surface from it. So try to create/import an ellipsoid to mesh. See my screenshot:
  6. Query about Geometry Cleanup and Meshing

    Check your mesh. Check your assembly.
  7. Query about Geometry Cleanup and Meshing

    Don't try "autocleanup". Do that manually so you can learn more.
  8. MESHING connectivity

    Make sure you show stress of each layer?
  9. MESHING connectivity

    Is this displacement or stress plot? Show us your mesh, share us your model to better understant your issue?
  10. Sets

    Have a look at following commands: *createnodesbetweennodes *createnodesbetweennodelist
  11. meshing a difficult geomtry

    You can import Catia CAD model into Hypermesh to make the mesh, assign material, define BC,..etc... All can be done within Hypermesh.
  12. Screenshot capture in Batch Mode

    In fact, when you make a screenshot, you catch whatever displayed in a screen, real or virtual. If you have not a "screen", you can't do screen...shot, that's logic :-)
  13. Viewing local coordinate systems in Hyperview

    Try to load the model (mesh, syst,...) and the results separately. Normally, all syst defined within model should be available in Hyperview.
  14. Force Import from FLUX

    Do you use the same mesh for both Flux & Mechanical analysis?
  15. Force Import from FLUX

    Maybe he would like do some mechanical analysis with some loading computed by FLUX?