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  1. Technically, you can run SPMD on multi-core CPU with some MPI. But with only one server! So I don't think you got advantage comparing to SMP run on the same server. Cluster setup is NOT a easy job, and NOT for everyone
  2. How much memory do you have? When my script runs less than 2s, I don't care about used memory quantity, especially when I have more than 20G of RAM on my laptop
  3. I do a test with about 12000 elements. By deleting these two lines, the script works 1000x faster
  4. Try to delete two "useless" lines and you will see the difference
  5. Have a look at my PDF & HM. HTH, Alice_trial1.hm Alice_mesh.pdf
  6. Maybe to share your model for better understand your question?
  7. For SPMD run overs multiple server, you have to setup a CLUSTER. Without cluster, you can not run SPMD.
  8. Even with Tetra meshing, you can not got the best mesh (good quality with reasonable CPU) with ONE CLICK A good mesh needs a hard work.
  9. You mesh size is TOO BIG comparing to your geometry. Try with smaller value.
  10. If I undertand you have two solids in contact. If you would like to have two mesh share the same nodes on contact surface you have to make contact surface become shared faces for these solids (yellow surfaces). One you have this shared face, the second mesh will be well connected to the 1st one.
  11. Yeah, Tetra mesh is NOT BAD when you known how to use it !!! If you want always HEXA meshing in this case, I would like to say "Good luck!"
  12. Your analysis is correct. It's not really "deformation" due to fixations & external loading, but you got different vibration modes.
  13. Have a look at Help doc
  14. I think you have "shrink" option activated. Just uncheck that.