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      Dear Users Our Commercial and Academic users around the world can use these same forums here as before i.e. the Altair Support Forum , Commercial users from India with solver queries can go to the Solver Forum for India Commercial Users , Academic Users from India and AOC India Participants are requested to go to the Forum for India Academic Users and AOC India Participants , We will be tending to all queries in all the forums promptly as before, thank you for your understanding. 
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      アルテアエンジニアリングでは、弊社製品や技術について、ユーザー様同士がオンラインで情報交換できる場所を提供しています。 日常業務の中で起こるさまざまな問題の解決や、他ユーザー様との技術交流を図るための場として、お客様の環境に合わせてご活用ください。


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  1. Maybe Optistruct does an "extrapolation" from integration points?
  2. Meshing of aluminium profile

    Could you share the HM model? or some pictures? to know how is "complex shape" :-)
  3. In Linux world, it's so simple: use "/" everywhere
  4. TCL parametrisation

    For simple geometry (line, surface, solid,) you can create them directly in Hypermesh. Just play with interactive session and have a look at file "command.tcl"
  5. Batch mesher feasibility

    You can try it. But in my personal experiences, nothing better than my "manual" work
  6. If client ends Hypermesh/Hyperview session "correctly", the license will be released and free to serve another. You can use the tool "almutil" to check license usage and remove user from server.
  7. DOF limitation?

    Default = Only ONE core! So try to run in parallel mode, with 4 cores for example to see the difference of CPU time?
  8. DOF limitation?

    Do you run in parallel mode? How about your hardware: CPU? core? RAM?
  9. No. Max/Min/Average in case of shell stress will be computed between layers. To be comparable, you have to compare solid stress of upper face to shell stress of upper layer, and so on.
  10. In fact, it's not so simple to compare. In case of shell element, you have stress on upper/lower layers. But in case of solid element, the stress in general is not computed at surface. In my previous tests, I have to apply a very thin skin on solid element to capture the membrane stress which can be compared to shell stress.
  11. licencse error 6

    Try full path of altair_lic.dat to define ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH.
  12. Solid Boolean -Internal Error

    How we can help you without HM model?
  13. TCL usage

    Why you use this site for Hyperworks docs? It's NOT Altair's site, so all its contents is not warranted.
  14. How to run Optistruct jobs on Ubuntu terminal

    So you run Optistruct solver only on Ubuntu? Could you run also Hypermesh/Hyperview GUI correctly on Ubuntu?
  15. accelerating computational speed

    8G ram is just for .... playstation! Don't expect something serious with this hardware