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  1. Hello, I think you have to create a set of the nodes, than you can use the selection type "by set" in extended entity selection window. Best Regards, Mario
  2. Average Stress

    Hello, Search for your expression in the browser, e.g. Results->Scalar->YourExpression (if Scalar), right click and pick "Edit". Best Regards, Mario
  3. Legend with units

    Hello, Try the following for manually adding a unit: Open the "Edit Legend" panel Switch off the "Title" Copy the text from title, paste it to "Header" Switch on the Header Add your unit ([MPA] in example picture) See attached picture. Best Regards, Mario
  4. Delete a model from HyperView window

    Hi, try to right click in "Result" Tab, "Files" on your model and select "delete". Best Regards, Mario
  5. Hide failed elements from result? [SOLVED]

    Hello, then the elements are not eroded and active. Looks like something is unstable at the simulation. You can try to mask elements by contour (e.g. strains), but it is applied at the whole simulation. Best regards, Mario
  6. Hide failed elements from result? [SOLVED]

    Hello, do you have tried to switch off the display of eroded elements by the following option: Preferences->Options->Visualization-> switch of "Display eroded elements" Best regards, Mario
  7. Suppressed edges and export geometry

    Hello, bdf is a pure FE format, as i know it isn't possible to include any geometry informations. (exceptions are e.g. comments like HM use it for connectors). HM doesn't eliminate supressed edges (you can always unsupress suressed lines), since they are needed for working geometry (background geometry). It isn't possible to export geometry without supressed edged, since geometry formats don't know this type of geometry. But there is almost always a way to work with clean geometry, it is a question of model types and good will. Best regards, Mario
  8. Multiple curves manipulation

    Hello, try to use Macro Toolbar: - More than 500 tools for HyperGraph and HyperView - No (additional) HWUs required - Tools came out of support and customizing solutions ftp://ftp.altair.de/pub/hyperworks/support/macro_toolbars/ here you have a lot of predefined macros for all curve operations. Best Regards, Mario
  9. Hide elements in animation? [SOLVED]

    Hello, try the following: plot contour go to panel "Mask" select "Entities: Elements" go to element select dialog (press mouse on Elements) select "By Contour" select Value, enter your expression e.g. <50 select Add select Mask Selected Hopefully it helps... Best Regards, Mario