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  1. hi, I got a very weird error when trying to open HM, How could I solve this. My license is standalone type license and it is a temporary license.
  2. recover MBD result for Fatigue analysis

    hi, Thank you for the respond. But I got stuck right there. When I use ASSIGN/MBDINP to point to the .mrf file, it is required to leave my model BLANK. It means I can not create any element in model if I use MBDINP. If I try to do that, there will be an error message. Since there is no element created, the set of elements could not be created also. That makes me really confused. If OptiStruct doesn't allow me to create any element in model when use MBDINP, how could I define set of element for FATDEF and also for EL2PROP
  3. recover MBD result for Fatigue analysis

    Hi, Is there any update about FATDEF load collector. Since I use MBD result for Fatigue, I have no idea on how to create a set of element to assign to FATDEF card.
  4. undohistorystate

    I see, Thank you for your information :))
  5. recover MBD result for Fatigue analysis

    hi, thank you so much for quick answer. If possible, could you please give me an example of FEM file for Fatigue Analysis using MBD result recovery. I will be very thankful
  6. recover MBD result for Fatigue analysis

    And if I usee12prop with element set id in the second field. Does that set have to contain element.? As far as I know, it must contain element in flexible-body, Is that true ??
  7. recover MBD result for Fatigue analysis

    Hi, Thank you for your answer. I have one more question. What should I input for FATDEF.Because I want to perform Fatigue analysis by recovering stress from MBD, I don't know how to assign data to this load collector.
  8. Hi, I know the result from felxible body in MBD could be recovered for Fatigue analysis. However, I don't know how to do that. How can I use EL2PROP card to assign material?
  9. undohistorystate

    I use 14.2 version
  10. undohistorystate

    For your information I also tried to distribute each *replacenode command into separated notehistorystate with different names and use *undohistorystate with count 6. It did not work
  11. undohistorystate

    hi, Thank you for the reply! I also tried to give the count also. Got the same issue!
  12. undohistorystate

    I tried to provide name also, but thing happened the same.
  13. undohistorystate

    I tried, undohistorystate only affected once. nothing happened in the next use.
  14. Hi , I am trying to run a code like this *startnotehistorystate {} *replacenodes 7000139 7000103 1 0 *replacenodes 7000140 7000104 1 0 *replacenodes 7000141 7000105 1 0 *replacenodes 7000142 7000106 1 0 *replacenodes 7000143 7000107 1 0 *replacenodes 7000144 7000108 1 0 *endnotehistorystate {} I use command *undohistorystate to undo the process. However, there is only one node was undo. I would like to undo all six nodes has been replaced. Am I missing something.
  15. Thank you so much for your relies