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  1. Hi @Vin566 Please kindly notice that you can not define a time-dependent force with TABFAT if your time history is complicated. With TABFAT, you can only import Loads because TABFAT is used for static mode. If your time history is complicated, I suggest you use the Fatigue-transient analysis. For the FATLOAD load collector, instead of using a Linear static for LCID field, please choose a Transient analysis loadstep. This means you have to perform a transient analysis first. if you don't know about Transient analysis, I recommend you to read following tutorial: OS-1310: Direct Transient Dynamic Analysis of a Bracket only Transient Analysis allows you to create time-dependent loads with complicated time history
  2. Thank you so much @tinh
  3. Hi, I want to summary and export the coordinate of temp nodes in Hypermesh into .CSV file. Is there any methods to do that. Thanks.
  4. Super amazing, you are the best :)))
  5. Well, that is exactly to say you can do almost everything with TCL/Tk. But sometimes, when I have to handle big model with a lot of parts and there are many loops in my scripts, TCL runs too long. Some friends told me, python can process loops faster and easier to manage big program. I found some python source code in HM setup folder so there a question comes up in my mind
  6. Hi, I am using Motion View and I know that is able to use Python to customize in Motion View. Is there any chance to do the same thing with HyperMesh. I want to use Python because it, somehow quicker and more simple, also.
  7. Hi, Here is the message i got
  8. Hi, I don't think I missed it. I just did not know how to do it. After importing, here what I got when click Leaf spring system: picture 1 I also tried to resolve it by myself, looked for an appropriate body for b_axle_body. I could not find any body with the name same in picture in tutorial. the most suspicious one is Vehicle Axle Body in Attachments folder (picture 2). I tried it, but got error. Could you show me how can I resolve this properly. Thanks
  9. Hi Tinh, I can get the vector define by these command by using set vec_col [<pathname> get] However, I still can not pick the node on screen. May be Altair haven't completed the HmVectorCol macro yet because this issue doesn't happen to other collector. I do not prefer to call hm_getdirectionpanel. I would like to pick the node directly without entering a panel. But seem like it is impossible. Anyway, Thank you so much for your help. You are really expert in this field :)), I am learning to write tkGUI but i found not much material about this in forum. I am thankful if you can share me some of your experience like : where to learn, some example macros, how to improve the interface of GUI. Thank you so much again
  10. Thank you so much
  11. Hi, It doesn't work. Moreover, I can not even pick node when use this panel. I clicked N1, then choose a node but nothing happen at all, I can not pick any node on screen. it was the same to N2 and N3. For the Base node, when I tried to pick a node, there was an warning message in status bar that " Unknown entity types found"
  12. Yes, that is exactly how I import the .mdl file. In fact, that's the only way, the other methods like using import Tab, or open did not recognize .mdl file
  13. Hi, I am using the Motion View 2017.1 version. As I can see, there is a new function in it: Leaf-spring Builder I went to help to looking for more information about it, and I found the tutorial MV-8050:Using Leaf-spring Bulider. I tried to follow every step in tutorial. However at the Import step to import the .mdl file to Motion View, I got nothing. The model is nor imported at all. Could anyone help me with this Below is the picture for the issue I got when tried to import file:
  14. Hi tinh, I tried to create the N1,N2,N3 by using the following command But this is just GUI creation, How can I link three nodes I choose to the main procedure. I mean, how can I get the IDs of three nodes i choose or the vector defined by these nodes
  15. one more question, please. Do you know where I can find the explain for commands with namespace like this " ::hwt:: "