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  1. Composite Layers mode

    Thank you so much PraKash !
  2. Composite Layers mode

    Hi I have some issue when trying to display my model in Composite layers mode. I've already assigned thickness for comp with PCOMP property an used Hyper Laminate to create plies. however when I tried to display model in Composite layers model I did not see any layer. Could any body help me. Here is a sample model if you need it sample.hm
  3. hi , I am trying to install new version of HW, Everything is OK with Desktop and Solver. However, Help file could not be installed and an error like below appeared: Could anybody help me with this?? Thanks
  4. measure distance

    I tried, but no use, The valid entities are nodes, lines, surfaces, solids and points. May be there is no direct way to do that.
  5. measure distance

    I thought about that too, But it's not the distance between node and comp, it is the distance between node and nearest comp node. It will be wrong if the line between two nodes is not Perpendicular to comp.
  6. Radioss material comment

    hi, Sorry, I need to be more specific about my question. When I open starter file of examples in Rdioss, I saw something like picture 1. there were comments above each parameter that make it easier to track material parameter. But when I created my own a model, tried to make some material also then exported it, I did not have the same like the example (picture 2). there was no comment above each param. So I want to know how can I get the same thing like in the examples.
  7. Radioss material comment

    hi, I know about starter out file. Maybe this kind of information can not be displayed on running window. Thanks for your quick help anyways
  8. measure distance

    hi, @George P Johnson that command is used only for node-node or point-point. But thanks anyway\ @tinh well, my model contains only temp node and comp with element, there is no such thing like surface or line. That why I have to come here, looking for a solution.
  9. Hi, Is there any command or method to measure distance between nodes and comps. I tried command: hm_measureshortestdistance but it said that, enity type comp is not supported.
  10. Format in template

    Thank you, that's really helpful @tinh
  11. Radioss material comment

    Hi, I want to show material parameters in comments window when run Radioss file to track the material information. Is there any ways to do that. Thank you!
  12. Hi, I want to create a macro with template inside to process a large number of entities. My output format is similar to the picture below. I know that it is possible to use field() command to write data to ASCII file. However, I don't know how to write it in the same format in the picture with negative, positive number and exactly 6 number after comma. Could anyone help me with this, Thanks
  13. Could you please check if you install the Solver or not? you can check it in shortcut folder of Altair in Startup menu or in the warning message at the left bottom of HyperMesh when you click to OptiStruct button. If you haven't installed it yet, please setup the Hyper Solver to run OptiStruct and Radioss.
  14. If I understand right, you should try HyperForm, a Tool that specializes for Forming (or denting), very useful!. You can access it through shortcut folder in Startup menu, choose Manufacturing Solutions folder then HyperForm. There are also some tutorial for you in Help file, Manufacturing Solution tutorial part.
  15. Acceleration load import

    Hi @Fedra853 Really? Could you please share the ways you do with the Force. I don't know about it