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  1. how to get > streamlines > spheres contour in Acufieldview .I have attached 1 image
  2. How does the contact force curve look like in crash analysis. can anyone share with me correct contact force curve of any crash analysis.
  3. Hello can anyone tell me how to increase run time in Motion view
  4. Hello George sir, Sir, I have created local coordinate system but when i am applying velocity, it is creating in global coordinate system only.please tell me how to do this
  5. How to apply velocity at some angle to any axis in radioss
  6. see the results what i got impact_final.h3d
  7. sir when I opened it in hyperworks14.0 some data has lost and the file is not running.and when I imported model_0000.rad and run that then it is not showing any result
  8. Hello George sir, I am unable to open this file
  9. Thank you sir. thanks a lot sir . can you please share .hm file in which you have made changes and solved.
  10. If I want to simulate dragon fly crash analysis in radioss with actual model which card image can i choose and what mechanical properties can i apply
  11. Yes sir i have checked it its is correct
  12. Hello sir, sir i am trying to simulate one problem in radioss in which a bird hits a glass plate but i am not getting any result.i am attaching .hm file please help in in solving this problem.Thank you monu kumar bird_impact.hm
  13. Hello George sir can I get .hm to understand Example 49 - Bird Strike on Windshield