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  1. Thank you everyone for reply I was looking for some advance level of problems apart from HM help like pretension definition, thero-structural. I wanted some reference macros for study purpose. I am using abaqus reference guide now as help Thanks again
  2. I have tried those tutorials and are very helpful. But, I want to generate model (node sets , element sets) in HM and then generate a text pad macro for abaqus. Any tut available from this perspective?
  3. Hello everyone I am trying to setup abaqus model from hypermsh. I am new to abaqus solver. I already have reffered help from altair on the same. Any other help available on this topic please provide with link. Thank you
  4. Hello tinh, I am running your script in HM 12. Received following error
  5. Hello, I studied some help on web now I am able to get scroll bar but not able to fix content in between scroll bar Now I am doing trial and error to get final out come mean while can anybody look at my script and suggest improvement
  6. Hello tinh do you have any example for these suggested method and which one will be best to use in current case
  7. hello everyone I have created a window using hwt::CreateWindow win I have added only one row now to reduce size of Quote. Number of rows in actual script are in loop so my number of rows sometimes exceeds 100. So I need scroll to window. So how can I add scroll to it And I seardched for hwt::CreateWindow win help for all pther commands help is easily available in HM help but I didnt find any help related to these commands, So anybody direct me to proper help for hwt commands and specifically hwt::CreateWindow win
  8. Hello So I have script to save perticular view in hyperview window and can be retrieved later, but it only retrieves view irrespective of display status of different components Now I want to extend this script further so that it will save the view along with the ids of component displayed in window (like hypermesh save view and retrieve) any suggestion on how can I do this?
  9. thank you for reply but I didnt find help for this command there
  10. Hello I have fund this script for creating a window in hyperview I am not able to figure out few things 1.so what are these following commands?? Where can I found help for these commands?? hwt::DluWidth hwt::AppFont hwt::WindowRecess and what is following line means? set types { {{H3D File} {".h3d" } } {{OP2 File} {".op2" } } {{All Files} * } And also what is mean by following commands (not from below script but found somewhere else) set t [::post::GetT]; ::post::GetPostHandle pst$t And I am not able to find help for above commands
  11. found how to take input its easy
  12. I looked into it but didn't understand much in first go Still working on it Meanwhile please do share if you have any example in which a menu created in hyperview And where do I need to paste this command so that it will execute it as menu??
  13. Ok I will search for that But will direct tcl commands work in hyperview script? And it will be really helpful if you give any example script you have And will it pop up window or where we supposed to enter values?
  14. I gone trough that pdf correct me if I am wrong I guess it is different tool bar and different customization I want to add only my script to drop down list or button nothing else using tcl script like it is available in hypermesh so can you tell me name of command that will do that?