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  1. Sorry Sir there is some confusion .I want for optistruct analysis ? Static analysis?
  2. Which material card should i preferred for polypropylene copolymer? Polypropylene_Copolymer.pdf
  3. K thanks a lot sir
  4. Is it possible to work with Ls Dyna preprocessing solver deck in hypermesh for wear analysis? And what type of interface i should use for it?
  5. What material card ( mat law)should i use for drop test of wooden pallet?
  6. Hello sir, please check the following attachments vijay sir mail (1).docx
  7. Sir i am working on erossive ware analysis project. So i want to know that is it possible with radioss? And what type of interface is needed to have errosive ware between two object?
  8. mat9

    Please tell me the meninges of of G11,...........G66 in the Material Card MAT9.
  9. Sir, Thanks for your reply. I don't know the meninges of of G11,...........G66 in the Material Card. I have all the properties of pine wood material but don't know how to apply the these properties in material Card. So i need Significance of MAT9 Card (in an-isotropic)?
  10. Hi please tell me how to assign material for pine wood? Significance of MAT9 Card (in an-isotropic)?