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  1. Hyperview Continually Becomes Non-Responsive

    Rahul, It is version 14 (hwdesktop14.0.131_hotfix). However I have installed 2017 and I am not having issues at the moment. Kindest regards Andy
  2. Hyperview Continually Becomes Non-Responsive

    Hi All, My Hyperview session frequently becomes unresponsive regardless of model I am examining, all I get is a grey screen and the spinning blue icon before a warning message that Hyperview has become unresponsive. Is there anyway I can get to the bottom of what is causing this non-responding issue (error file etc)? It is rather frustrating as I have many models to examine and I have to constantly close and reopen models. Kindest regards, Andy
  3. Hyperstudy - Design Parameters with Boolean Logic

    In the expression builder within hyperstudy, is there anyway to apply boolean logic? I could really do with adding IF statements. I've looked to the functions tab and there doesn't appear to be an option.
  4. Bounds Question

    Cool, many thanks
  5. Bounds Question

    Many thanks Rahul, i did some more experimenting, would be correct in saying that the amount 1 relates to (in my case 12.5mm) is based on the morphing process I used to create the shape? Kindest regards Andy
  6. Bounds Question

    Anyone at all????
  7. Bounds Question

    Hi All, Am trying to understand hyperstudy using Shapes and I have encountered a bit of a headscratcher. My plate has a hole with a radius of 50mm and I want to examine the effects of changing that radius. When I apply a shape to it and get to hyperstudy it asks me for an upper and lower bound (default -1 and 1) and an initial of 0. My question is, what exactly do these numbers relate to? When I run it creates a hole 37.5mm and 62.5mm radius respectively, but how does that relate to lower and upper bounds of -1 and 1? OKay it has consistently created a difference of 12.5mm but how did it calculate this? Many thanks in advance. Is there any way I could have just said initial = 50mm, lower = 45mm and upper = 55mm? Regards Andy
  8. Hypermesh 2017 - Beam Collector Issues

    Prakash, was there any follow up to this? has the issue been dealt with?
  9. Hypermesh 2017 - Beam Collector Issues

    Many thanks Prakash
  10. Hypermesh 2017 - Beam Collector Issues

    Hi, I am running Hyperworks 2017 and have run into an unusual issue. When I state a beam section greater than 32mm diameter, I run into issues when re-importing. Please find attached a screenshot of the issue. On the left is the hypermesh session used to make the file and the right is the hypermesh session importing the .fem. You can see on the left that the beam section 2000003 is specified with radius of 25mm... however on the right, a warning has appeared stating that PBAR dimensions are different from the section (which is odd as the PBAR section properties come from the beam section). Section 2000003 is missing on the left hand import session and replaced with 2000004 with a name matching the property name. Also the section is no longer ROD, now it is a Generic section. After some investigation I found this error occurs with sections greater than 32mm diameter in the beam section. My previous installation did not have this issue so I can only put this down to an issue with the new version. Please help!!! Kindest regards Andy
  11. Increase in demand on Models containing Contracts with Friction

    Are there any parameter cards which can be used to help?
  12. Increase in demand on Models containing Contracts with Friction

    That's correct, they are both same models
  13. Increase in demand on Models containing Contracts with Friction

    Many thanks Prakash, It is still complaining of memory requirement. A curious thing is that .out file is disagreeing with the optistruct run screen... .out (attached) suggests only 41GB ram required for in-core whilst the optistruct states 80GB RUN-OP.out
  14. Increase in demand on Models containing Contracts with Friction

    I measured it as 2mm
  15. Increase in demand on Models containing Contracts with Friction

    Hello Prakash, Number of nodes = 772,243 Elements = 776,988 (vast majority QUAD4). With search distance set to auto, I assume you mean no distance specified. Yes it runs with those settings