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  1. Hypermesh 2017 - Beam Collector Issues

    Prakash, was there any follow up to this? has the issue been dealt with?
  2. Hypermesh 2017 - Beam Collector Issues

    Many thanks Prakash
  3. Hypermesh 2017 - Beam Collector Issues

    Hi, I am running Hyperworks 2017 and have run into an unusual issue. When I state a beam section greater than 32mm diameter, I run into issues when re-importing. Please find attached a screenshot of the issue. On the left is the hypermesh session used to make the file and the right is the hypermesh session importing the .fem. You can see on the left that the beam section 2000003 is specified with radius of 25mm... however on the right, a warning has appeared stating that PBAR dimensions are different from the section (which is odd as the PBAR section properties come from the beam section). Section 2000003 is missing on the left hand import session and replaced with 2000004 with a name matching the property name. Also the section is no longer ROD, now it is a Generic section. After some investigation I found this error occurs with sections greater than 32mm diameter in the beam section. My previous installation did not have this issue so I can only put this down to an issue with the new version. Please help!!! Kindest regards Andy
  4. Increase in demand on Models containing Contracts with Friction

    Are there any parameter cards which can be used to help?
  5. Increase in demand on Models containing Contracts with Friction

    That's correct, they are both same models
  6. Increase in demand on Models containing Contracts with Friction

    Many thanks Prakash, It is still complaining of memory requirement. A curious thing is that .out file is disagreeing with the optistruct run screen... .out (attached) suggests only 41GB ram required for in-core whilst the optistruct states 80GB RUN-OP.out
  7. Increase in demand on Models containing Contracts with Friction

    I measured it as 2mm
  8. Increase in demand on Models containing Contracts with Friction

    Hello Prakash, Number of nodes = 772,243 Elements = 776,988 (vast majority QUAD4). With search distance set to auto, I assume you mean no distance specified. Yes it runs with those settings
  9. Hello, I have been having issues with a model containing contacts and friction. The model is relatively straight forward, a multiple mast model with wearpads and contacts between pad faces and adjacent mast sections. When the contact is set to property type slide N2S, the analysis demands around 47GB for In-Core Solution. However when the type is set to static friction coeff = 0.15, the in-core demand becomes 80GB. The model on my pc then typically fails because MUMPS demands significantly more RAM. I've tried adjusting the search distance and using a PCONT card to define friction with little impact on MUMPS demand. Any suggestions? I currently have one PARAM card... PARAM,EXPERTNL,CNTSTB
  10. Beam Optimisation using Hyperstudy

    Hello, The issue we are facing is that with the Hyperstudy we cannot assign a parameter to vary the part thickness. You see when the section is defined, the hypermesh generates the sectional properties in terms of moments of inertia and area - it does not specify the section shape in the properties card unlike the Optistruct generic sections. The part we are assessing is as the image above so it does not fall into any of the generic sections available. We have a simple workaround at the moment which is to vary the moment of inertia and area using the link variables options - assigning simple formulae to calculate these values, however it would be nicer if we could just vary thickness and section dimensions. Andy
  11. Beam Optimisation using Hyperstudy

    Many thanks, however this example refers to a default optistruct beam section (the dimensions are stated in the property card as opposed to inertia and area values)... we have a user defined shell/thin walled section like that attached below. We'd like to vary the circled thickness or even the shape of the section. Any thoughts?
  12. Beam Optimisation using Hyperstudy

    Hello, I am trying to utilize hyperstudy to optimize a bespoke shell section Beam. Essentially the beam is a hollow I-section but we would like to use hyperstudy to parameterize the thickness. Is this possible? The solver we are using is Optistruct.
  13. Termination Sensors

    Many thanks George, I managed to get it working. Here's what worked in the end.... #---1----|----2----|----3----|----4----|----5----|----6----|----7----|----8----|----9----|---10----| /SENSOR/INTER/1 SENSOR # Tdelay 0 # Interf DIR Fmin Fmax Tmin 1 NF -50000 3200 0.000
  14. Termination Sensors

    Hi all, Hopefully a really simple one to solve. I have a simple model, working as a demonstrator. 2 Components, one locked in place whilst the other is driven into it. I have a contact between the two. I need the simulation to terminate when the contact force reaches 100kN. I believe the strategy is /STOP/LSENSOR. Sensor = /Sensor/INTER... TYPE 6. However, I cannot get the simulation to kill at 100kN. Here is the sensor (Fmin = -1, Fmax = 100). ## Sensors ##-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /SENSOR/INTER/1 SENSOR 1 -1.0 100.0 0.0 The issue seems to be when the simulation starts, the sensor activates. I've run the model without the sensor and it ranges from 0 to 200kN. I have tried varying the numbers but that does not alter the outcome, every attempt begins with sensor being activated. HELP!!!! Many thanks in advance. Andy
  15. Hello all, I am considering purchasing a licence to run hyperworks and optistruct on my own machine and was wondering if anyone had any experience of running this software on apple technology, specifically macpro. I am a seasoned user of altair products but only on Dell workstations, currently using an M6800 which actually belongs to my client. I'd like to get it clear in my head and on paper which machine option is best and if there are any special considerations required for the apple option. Kindest regards and thanks in advance. Andy