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  1. Hi George, Is there anything about my query?
  2. Hi folks, Thanks Rahul poningam, Prakash and Ragul for your reply. Just now i realised these operands are linked with live curves. So if we play animation manually in the hyperview, the XY plots are plotting properly. *BeginAnimator(Transient) *CurrentTime(0,850000023) *StartTime(0,0) *EndTime(1,0) *Increment(Forward, Frame, 1, BounceOff) *EndAnimator() Even though these commands are there in session file, the animation is not starting initially. This may caused the error messages. I have only one ques. Can session file initiate animation automatically?
  3. Hi George, Thanks for your reply. I have got that details. Only details I need is Y option value (Since x should always 0). Consider I want to add x magnitude which is measured between 2 nodes. Measure id 3.. item index is 1(distance between), and what should be the Y option? Could you please expression for that. e.g., p1w1measure3.1.0.0 (What is the value) To Ragul, Regarding entering values also, I have got the procedures and everything seems fine to me.
  4. Hi Rahul, Thanks for your reply. Could you please explain the expression? Also how to enter the values for curve?
  5. Hi, *Expression("p2w2measure2.1.0.0.y") - what is meant by this expression in session file (.mvw)? Also what is mean by u and v values in defining curve option? could any one please explain these?
  6. Yes, it is working with 2017.1.. Thanks
  7. Hi all, I have another query. I have .odb file in 2017 version. But I cannot able to open this file in Hyperview 2017. Is it possible to open the 2017 odb files in Hyperview?
  8. Hi Prakash, I just uploaded file to your drop box. Have a look at it and let me know your thoughts. Rahul, As I do not have exp. in Hyperview could you please explain elaborately?
  9. Still I am waiting for the Solution for OPERANDS ERROR???? BeginCurve(On, "Iter 1 [I01]") *Line(1, 54, 1) *Symbol(0, 46, 1) *Shade(False) *Bar(0, 0, 2) *ShowInLegend(True) *BeginVector(Y, Math) *Expression("(p2w1c2.y+.1)/p1w1c4.y") *ScaleFactor("1") *Offset(0) *AxisIndex(1) *Attribute("HWReaderHints", "HWReaderHints", "String", "(USE_RXRESULT_READER_FOR_DSY)") *EndVector() This is the line, where the operands came.
  10. Hi Rahul, Thanks for your reply. I am using HM2017 and .mvw file created version is 14.0. The file size is 15 GB and i cannot able to share this file. Near by I have 16 GB RAM systems only. It is not opening in 16 GB RAM system. In my system which has 32 GB RAM the file is opening but it took more time. Could you please let me know the reason for these issues also? Is it configuration problems>? If yes, please let me know the needed configurations.
  11. Hi , I have received session (.mvw) file to check the results. When I open the session file in Hyperview it is showing some errors. I believe these are required to calculate some parameters in my result file. Please let me know if any corrections are there to remove these errors.
  12. The curve mentioned in this Force tab is Load curve (Load vs Time). If you want to delete the loads you can use F2 --> loads and select nodal loads which you want to delete.
  13. You can try changing the 2D mesh with reqd. length and create again tetra mesh Or else, if you are not more concern about quality (mainly angle) you can use Min. tetra size option in tetra mesh parameters.
  14. If you use LS Dyna profile you should select Card image (Generally Part). Without this card image it wont take property or material whatever defined to that.
  15. Hi Prakash, I can't see that option in my hypermesh. I am using Hypermesh2017.