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  1. Also when you checking with tool --> mass calc.. check whether area is shown or not. If it is shows, then check the volume. If thickness is mistake it will give zero volume & zero mass. If Material is mistake it will give volume data & zero mass.
  2. Also you can use Model browser --> component view to check the individual mass for all components.
  3. Hi Leox, I think you can use solid map for this. First at the end of the 1D elements put 2D elements with dia at the end of the wire and create Solid (hex) elements by using node path option. select beam nodes as node path. After that you can use sureface--> from Geometry option to create geometry in hypermesh.
  4. It seems defined local system for an entity (Material or Load or anything) is deleted.. Just check the entity once again whether the local system has updated properly where it is defined..
  5. Hi Petavy, You should check the threshold value while doing OSSmooth FEA reanalysis.For viewing Element Densities you should select Result --> Plot --> Iso. You can change the Current value from 0.01(nothing removed) to 1 (completely removed material from DESPROP). By default we will use 0.15 for optimum. You can use your judgement and this value is the threshold value for OSSmooth. Depending upon the threshold value the elements will be taken for the analysis. Hope this will help you.
  6. Hi Petavy, To avoid Element quality error, you can use PARAM --> CHECKEL_V1 --> No.
  7. Hi tinh, I have checked this with HM 2017 and it showing the following error. How can we avoid this?
  8. Hi All, I want to create spring element for my model. I have created using spring section in hypermesh and used CELAS1 element. I need to define Spring stiffness. For that I have used Property with Spring gap type and PELAS as a card image. Here comes my problem, I need to give 10N/mm stiffness to spring. In property card whatever values I give it to K column, the displacement is same. It is not taking as stiffness. I do not know how it is calculating or any thing I have missed. Please help me on this?
  9. Hi Rahul, Did you find anything regarding this issue?
  10. Hi Dilen, You can ruled one side of the hole and position it to other side by using position tool and equivalence it (Manually). And create solid mesh using Linear solid mesh with node path method. I have created and it is working properly. hile equivalencing, make sure that no. of nodes should be equal in both faces where solid elements need in between.
  11. Hi Rahul, Sorry for the late reply. This also not working. Do you have my model in your end? If so, could you please try it in your end and give me an update regarding this?
  12. Hi Rahul & George, Did you check the same model in your end?
  13. Hi Rahul, Thanks for your reply. My model requires 2d elements with 0.1mm thick. But I have tried with deleted 2d elements also. That is also not opening.
  14. Hi George, Did you check that file? Thanks, Udhay
  15. Hi George, I have dropped files in drop box. As the original model is under confidentiality agreement, I have uploaded the similar model which gives same issue. please try it in your end and let me know your comments.