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  1. Menu not shown correctly since windows update

    Hello @OptiStruct , Greetings!!! I have experienced similar issue in the past, but it's completely random. Try changing View - Panel Configuration - Switch between Top/Bottom. Also, trying closing/opening HM. If they don't work , you can follow the instructions from the below post, that should work.
  2. Calculation of 2D Aspect Ratio

    Hello tinh, Greetings!!! I believe we are obtaining A/P ratio of 4.23 when the settings option is set to MINIMAL NORMALIZED HEIGHT in HM. Source: https://www.engmorph.com/2d-element-aspect-ratio-diff-simula
  3. Splitting the elements with a plane

    Hello @raskolnikov, Greetings!!! I believe HM doesn't have the option (N1.N2,N3) to split the elements, apart from splitting line . User defined script might be an option, but I am not sure about it. Anyway, its much more easier to re-mesh the part rather than splitting a bunch of elements. If you found do find a solution, please let me know as well. Thanks & Warm Regards, Akshay S Patil
  4. How to create a circle surface in HM

    Hello Pohan, To create the a circular surface using spin option, you need to a rotate a line with a pivot point and the surface generated is controlled by angles. Also, make sure your visualization is shaded.
  5. an error of revolute joint

    Hello Hao, For Re volute Joint Definition, From the error message, you can understand Node 1 and Node 2 in your model , does not have same spatial coordinates. Try to update the coordinate with NODE 1 or create the temporary (or duplicate) node of NODE 1. This should work. Thanks & Warm Regards, Akshay S Patil
  6. bugg in hm graphic area

    Hey Yukesh, Even I had encountered the same once or twice .It occurs very rarely. Try to restart your HM, or system.Give it sometime. After a while, you should be able to work with HM normally. or Try to restore to default settings. But, your customized settings will be lost. But, I suggest you to restart your HM for a while instead of resetting to defaults.
  7. Equivalent Mesh for Contact Faces

    Hey @DerPusher, I believe you are using solid mesh to model both the components. Also, you need them to be have common nodes(share nodes). The red component( say nut) seems to be symmetric. Therefore, if you create the section , and revolve it 360, you should be able to capture it precisely. Therefore, take the nodes of blue compone (say bolt) , and create a section elements (2-D Mesh). Then use the various options in solid map, with different various sub options (elements to match/along nodes/line..etc), and you should get it. If you see the setup, you just need to get the mesh only for (1/4)th both blue and red component, rest can be reflected, and equivalenced. Thanks & Warm Regards, Akshay S Patil
  8. 2D Meshing between the elements

    Hello Amar, You can try using the command Spline( in 2-D) with the options With/Without/Delete surface. However, before you try this, familiarize yourself with the importance of equivalence command as suggested by Q.Nguyen-Dai. Also, you may need to project the new nodes/elements on the surface, if the surface is not planar.
  9. HyperMesh Warning

    Hello Tinh, You were correct, I had some preserved nodes in my model. I converted them into temp nodes and cleared them. And it worked. I think I might have used tool>renumber>Single>Nodes(SELECTION BY Display) instead of tool>renumber>Single>Nodes(SELECTION BY ALL). I apologize for speaking wrongly. Thank you again.
  10. HyperMesh Warning

    Thank you Tinh. I selected all, as you mentioned in sub panel and renumbered. It did remove the warnings. But earlier, tool>renumber>single > nodes , I had selected nodes by all. It had renumbered all the nodes, but I was still getting the warnings. Is there any possible explanation for that, as tool>renumber>Single>Nodes(SELECTION BY ALL) and tool>renumber>ALL , should have same result? Thank you for Tinh for your answer. Appreciate it.
  11. HyperMesh Warning

    Hello Sir, Greetings!!! I have been getting a warning message," Warning: nodes id 14447572 was found more than once in the import file; Resolution: Original id's maintained. Renumbering the database recommended", when I imported the key file, which I had created earlier (LS-Dyna Input File Format). I have a total of 12,000 warnings regarding renumbering. I have tried to renumber the nodes in the file, but the warning still exists. It's not causing any harm to my file, but I would like to know the reason why renumbering of nodes is not working. Hope, to hear from you soon. Thanks & Warm Regards, Akshay S Patil
  12. Element Offset

    Thank You Prakash. I could use the N1-N2 form present in the translate option. But, I would like to offset a group elements(2-D) perpendicular to their orientation(i.e, uniform radial displacement), which are at a curvature. I don't know, may be they could include this option in HyperMesh in their updates. Regards, Akshay S Patil
  13. Orientation of a mesh

    Hello Aaron, You can even use the basic option Auto-mesh in 2 D panel, with the desired the element size. Also, make sure that, in the sub panel of Auto-mesh ,select the options as shown in the attached image. But, do learn the reason for choosing those particular options. Regards, Akshay S Patil
  14. Element Offset

    Hello, I would like to know, if there's a way for element offset using Magnitude N1-N2 in HyperMesh ? I think it ll be more helpful to have that option. Don't you think so? Regards, Akshay S Patil
  15. Help With Meshng

    Thanks Rahul, appreciate the help. I ll go through the FEA guide book,and try to come up with what I am looking for.