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  1. Acusolve - Exhaust Manifold Simulation

    Thanks, the Time should be change only in the multiplier function or where else did you put Piecewise Linear
  2. Acusolve - Exhaust Manifold Simulation

    It does not helped the 0.1 seconds, I still have the same error
  3. Acusolve - Exhaust Manifold Simulation

    what would be a more realistic time step? (I can not upload the file, the forum says I am not permitted to upload that kind of file) Thanks,
  4. Acusolve - Exhaust Manifold Simulation

    Now I get this error message as I run Acusolve, any tip? acuSolve: ---------------------- Begin Time Step ---------------------- acuSolve: Time-Step= 1 ; timeInc= 1.000000e+010 ; time= 0.000000e+000 acuSolve: *** ASSERTION in Function <fElm3TwfVelSp> acuSolve: *** no convergence acuSolve: *** ASSERTION in Function <fElm3TwfVelSp> acuSolve: *** no convergence acuSolve: *** ASSERTION in Function <fElm3TwfVelSp> acuSolve: *** no convergence acuRun: *** ERROR: error occurred executing acuSolve" acuRun: Tue Apr 21 09:03:15 2015
  5. Acusolve - Exhaust Manifold Simulation

    Do you have a tutorial on how to use the multiplier function?
  6. Hello Forum, I am a student and am learning how to use acusolve, I would like to know how to make a simulation of an exhaust manifold. I want to know what I have to define so I can have inlet conditions that change by time, do I only need to modify boundary conditions? Thanks,