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  1. How to link variables with abaqus slover?

    HyperStudy doesn’t support linking two string variables today. We have enhancement request for this feature. As a workaround, We would recommend using output stream redirection as shown the attached example. The example shows how a single tpl file can be used to write multiple other files using only a single. This allows the user to get the same string variable value written into more than one file without using a link in HyperStudy. From the point of view of the HST framework there is only one variable. This process will result in both files written into the same directory. In 14.0 the user may need to use some custom solver scripts to run both of these files. In 2017.2, you could use a combination of model resources and an operator model to avoid a custom script. file3.tpl
  2. You can open Hm files directly in HyperStudy. That should help you to define design variable inside HyperStudy.
  3. Please refer below HyperStudy Tutorial. HS-1021: Working with a Parameterized File Model for Shape Variables
  4. How to link variables with abaqus slover?

    Thanks for sharing all required information.I will check internally and let you know the outcome.
  5. Model 1D

    For 1d element visualization in Hyperview use (preference : Option : Visualization).Refer screenshot & sample h3d file & fem file for beam properties. Please make sure to provide section properties of beam via Hyperbeam section. 1_RBE2_BEAM.fem 1_RBE2_BEAM.h3d
  6. How to link variables with abaqus slover?

    Could you share .hstx or .xml file for better understanding?
  7. How to link variables with abaqus slover?

    Meanwhile you can also look in to relative videos on Solvers script from DOE Ebook. https://altairuniversity.com/free-ebook-design-of-experiments-with-hyperstudy-a-study-guide/ (Link to Download Ebook)
  8. How to link variables with abaqus slover?

    Are you able to execute nominal run for any other single model(without linking)?Please share which version of HyperStudy & Abaqus you are using at your end?
  9. expression builder doesn't open

    Use Resvec from functions.Please see small video for the steps to follow in version 13.0 Let us know if it helps. Resvec_for_Max_Disp.mp4
  10. Failure to get h3d file

    Please share .out file from the run folder?If possible share screenshot of message log. Image shared by Hemant on the top of this post clearly gives warning of unsupported graphics card.
  11. expression builder doesn't open

    This should work in both 13 and 14 version.I have captured small video for creating mass response using 13.0 with file source & 14.0 with file assistant. Let me know if it helps. Expression_builder_in_13_and_14.mp4
  12. Bounds Question

    Bounds you can change directly from input variable step.Please refer attached screenshot.
  13. Bounds Question

    Value of 0 means donot apply the morphing shape Value of 1 means apply the full morphing shape Value of 0.5 means apply half of morphing shape Value of -1 means apply in reverse(so if you lengthen something then -1 means it will actually shortens it) That's what these numbers mean in the context of shape variables.
  14. HST- AcuSolve Pipe Tutorial *.osi File not created

    Hi Vignesh, Sorry for the late reply I unable to open above shared pdf so cannot comment on your query.Are you referring to HS1535 tutorial?If possible reload pdf file. I see you also have posted this query to local support team.Let us know if this query is still open.

    Here if the objective is to minimize mass then from above curve we understand that design got converged at 24th iteration (x axis) and y axis values determines total mass.
  16. hypergraph template .

    I tried to load flexible report template in Student edition 2017 and it worked fine.Could you please check this feature by clearing setting files.Refer below for clearing setting files.
  17. Moving your question to HyperWorks Scripts and customization section.Below post is FYI.
  18. Right click in results browser to create different views.
  19. force vs displacement graph

    Video guide for Basic Questions on RADIOSS – YouTube You can also post Radioss specific queries in Radioss Forum. http://forum.altairhyperworks.com/index.php?/forum/34-radioss/
  20. force vs displacement graph

    Please try with cross plot option in HyperGraph.Refer cross plot pdf from below post. Cross_Plot.pdf
  21. Please use Inspire help.Refer attached screenshot.
  22. Please find attached screenshot for Inspire contacts.
  23. Please find below the reply from the development team. I think the error 61 is related to empty optiAnalysis.fem. During reanalysis run, HM must have failed to generate the deck. We need entire topology optimization folder or after importing topology results please save a stmod file and send us that file. Requesting you to share same folder and .stmod file here or use ftam link (dropbox) available in my signature.
  24. If possible use latest patch of Solidthiking Inspire. Latest patch is Inspire 2017.3
  25. For now i would suggest you to work on modelling part.Please apply load on connector instead of applying load on pin surface.(After optimization 3 loadcase are getting deleted) In partition 6 and 8 part you can have a though out cut.(Current model has very thin region after partition 6 & 8 part)