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  1. Hii, 

    Once i meshed the solid in ANSA, i imported the file .h3d as a flexbody to the suspension already opened at motionview for an MBD Analysis. So the problem is that the nodes of the solid ( lower triangle suspension) entered as a flexible body didn't coincide with the corresponding interface points in the model as shown below. What should i do to solve the problem ? I really need your help!!!!



  2. Refer below online tutorial. HM-3140: Batch Meshing
  3. Extended entity selection has variety of option to select element of faces.You can try with by window option.
  4. Since your question on optimization constraint,we would like to back up and understand how the variables could be defined in this problem.It would be nice if you could share .hstx file of Hyperstudy. If possible explain more info about your use case.
  5. We are working on your query. We will get back to you soon.Also if you have can share .fem file it would be nice to test this. Hypermesh 2017 has some updates on Parameterization.PFA screenshot for same.
  6. Yes the relation range = 2 amplitude is valid in any case, even on random loads. The rainflow count will be the same.
  7. you can use project command to project elements to surface normal.
  8. Split overlap region & 2d mesh.If possible share screenshot of your model where you want matching mesh.
  9. Fatigue analysis would give you output in terms of Life and damage only.If you are interested in stress & displacement output then carry out Static or Dynamic analysis. See attached screenshot from FEA book for basic difference of Static, Dynamic & Fatigue analysis .
  10. Hi, This reply is on behalf of Prakash & Expert. SN curve in OS is based on the stress range. Stress range = 2*amplitude. Looks like Ansys is using amplitude instead of stress range.In future version we will have option to choose between amplitude and range.
  11. Hi Alina, Please refer attached document which covers video & pdf of model correlation. Modal_Assurance_Criteria.zip
  12. NLOUT card is new from v14. NLOUT – Controls the incremental result output for Small Displacement Nonlinear Analysis and Large Displacement Analysis Try with NLSTAT loadcase.
  13. Hi Florian, One of my colleague suggested to try Hypermath by creating own function. I have an example from HyperMath that takes the data only after a certain threshold is reached (for example, I want the force history after the displacement goes over 5). function trimXbasedOnY(x,y,value) n,index = ZeroCrossings(y-value) if (n == 0 ) then x_cut = [] else x_cut = x[[index[1]+1:Length(x)]] end return x_cut end You could create something similar.
  14. thanks for sharing files.Hex mesh with solidmap is all about how you are splitting model to get mappable volume.to me also it seems complex.PFA screenshot for same.Will check & let you know my finding on this model.
  15. you want only hex element or tetra is also fine?If possible please share hm file for same.