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  1. Thanks for the update. Note:In future, please create a new post for the new topic.
  2. Two ways you can achieve this. Check .ini file in below location. C:\Users\rahulr\.Altair\SimLab_V2017\simlab or create environment variable with name SL_USER_DEFINED_SYSTEM_SETTING_FILE and pointout .ini file path.
  3. I believe you are talking about Batchmesher.If you have access to latest verion 2017 .Please try same & let us know the outcome.
  4. abaqus

    I too able to import DU01_INTACT_MLR.inp as include files with some warning.PFA screenshot for same.
  5. abaqus

    I see only six files contains nodes and element.That too was modelled using 11.0 version.All other files contains other useful information for analysis.
  6. Hi, It would be nice if you could share screenshot of change your expecting in your model..In Hypermesh , may be morphing could help or as Tinh mentioned above, explore simLab which has really nice features for 3d mesh editing.
  7. In Session file you can load h3d file with load model & results option.
  8. Could you share same hm file & version/updates of HW desktop using at your end?
  9. I have a problem with HW 14, it is automatically creating command.tcl file instead of the command.cmf file.

    Has the new software version completely changed to this? I need a confirmation from Altair if it is so.

    I would also like to know if there is a way to create command.cmf file.


    Awaiting a quick reply.

    Thank You!

  10. Once you able to run nominal run for Radioss solver it would generate T01,h3d result file which you can pull using File source or If you have access to latest 2017 /14.0 version you can use file assistant for same.
  11. I tried without pressure file in 2017.1.Created pressure on both files(normals corrected) & exported/imported with pressure segment is working fine.We will update you by tomorrow.
  12. Did you check the dimensions of imported file in Hypermesh?
  13. For 2d elements you could try mesh edit option listed under 2d page.
  14. Hello Rahul,


    How to run Two or more Loadcases in Nastran solver? In Control Cards, SOL is taking only one value. Eg: If i do two Loadcases, Pressure and Modal, I am able to select SOL=101 or 103, it is either taking Static or Normal Modes

  15. Could you share screenshot of your model or .stmod file to crosscheck?you can use secure file transfer link to share your files.