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  1. Please use Hyperworks Desktop 2017.1 to read Abaqus 2017 odb. PFA screenshot from release notes.
  2. You must have matching mesh on both face to use linear solid.Morphing technique should work but you should have proper geometry for same.
  3. Refer Nastran help to understand the significance of BSURF,BCONNECT and BCTABLE. You could also try this analysis with Altair Optistruct solver.
  4. To improve performance in Hyperview. Please refer below options: Also please clear setting files. Preferences Menu - Options – Performance.docx
  5. You can try with shell solid approach by having same mesh on both side & connecting them with rigids.
  6. Please let us know which version of Hyperworks you are using at your end? Also please check whether it is opening in any other machine? mvw file created in same version or too older verion (older than 12.0)? If possible share mvw file to test same at our end.
  7. What is the thickness of non design and design region?You can try with fully solid tetrahedral elements for non design and design region.
  8. To improve visualization you can also try by changing zoom factor.If issue still persist then share version Hyperview you are using at your end.
  9. You can also try with linear solid option where prerequisite is to have matching mesh on the top and bottom surface. If possible share.HM file.
  10. You can refer Hypermesh interfacing tutorials for LS Dyna.I am not sure whether it covers modal analysis or not but you can contact Dyna support for same. PFB youtube link for LS Dyna modal analysis.
  11. Try with options : Graphics: geometry refinement : level 5.Image is missing in above post.
  12. This is not a bug, but normal behaviour because of geometry.While meshing Hypermesh does not change geometry after mesh.BTW where you modelled this CAD?
  13. If too many failed elements, then try tetra remesh or tetramesh optimization option.If only few ,then by manually moving nodes would be fine.Btw if tet collapse is greater than 0.1 ,then it fine for analysis.If using Optistruct for analysis, then activate PARAM : CHECKEL : NO for running analysis without element quality check.
  14. Element nodes are not coming in the expected location because of unavailability of fixed point. Just add fixed point & you would get elements node at desired location.
  15. While importing we can scale CAD but not FE.