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  1. results probe

    Query resolved in below post.
  2. Export Images with given screen resolution

    Sorry for the late reply.I guess below post should help you for your query,
  3. Hypergraph

    Stress output is available for elements.In Y request you would find E95859 is element id.
  4. Modify X axis with Node ID

    Double click on node number or displacement magnitude will take you to axes option in HyperGraph. You can change label name and interval using min max option.
  5. Hyperview tracking system

    Node coordinates: This specifies x y and z coordinate from global coordinate system. Node Coordinate : This specifies x y and z coordinate from local coordinate system which you have created in your model using tracking system.
  6. Eigenvalue along normal direction of surfaces

    To get a projection of Displacement to a face normal create the following expression: Dot(BCElemToNode(ElementAxisVector("0.0 0.0 1.0","LC0F1.Elements","LC0F1.Coordinates","Bisect"),"avg","LC0F1.Elements"),"Displacement") For crash models: Dot(BCElemToNode(ElementAxisVector("0.0 0.0 1.0","LC0F1.Elements","LC0F1.Coordinates","Bisect"),"avg","LC0F1.Elements"),("Coordinates"-"LC0F1.Coordinates")) Make sure you use "Advanced" result math template when loading results.
  7. Plot eigenvectors

    Please refer attached fem for spring mass 1dof. You can export eigen value and eigen vector individually using HV query panel. But if you want to consider the effect of modal analysis for Modal frf case then EIGVSAVE and EIGRETRIEVE option listed in subcase section would help you. Check OptiStruct user guide for the detailed information. spring mass damper.fem
  8. Eigenvalue along normal direction of surfaces

    I will check internally if it is possible to export eigen values of nodes along normal direction of their local surfaces in HyperView. I also want to know the end objective of this requirement.Please do let us know about same.
  9. Please set animation mode to transient and change the legend to dynamic scale for plotting Dynamic analysis output in HyperView. This should vary result over the range of defined frequency.Refer attached screenshot.
  10. T01 not working on hypergraph

    I am able to plot kinetic energy vs time curve using t01 file.PFA screenshot for same.
  11. Which version of HyperWorks you are using for analysis and post processing?I can only see the magnitude but no information about extracted output. It would be nice if you can share more information.
  12. Sum of curves

    Use (Math:Two curve: Add ) option to get one curve.PFA screenshot from HyperGraph.
  13. Eigenvalue along normal direction of surfaces

    Did you check vector option in HyperView for your case.
  14. Hyperview Continually Becomes Non-Responsive

    Its always good to use the latest version with latest patch.Please continue to use the latest version and let us know if you need any other help.
  15. No results optained

    For FEA results accuracy please refer FEA guide chapter 20. https://altairuniversity.com/free-ebooks-2/free-ebook-practical-aspects-of-finite-element-simulation-a-study-guide/