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  1. Please refer below post on same error.
  2. HyperStudy with Pam-Crash

    Please refer below post for solver execution script.
  3. parametric study of impact attenuator

    Please refer HyperStudy online tutorials.We have no of parametrization tutorials available. PFA screenshot from help. You can also refer solver based tutorials section.
  4. Which version of Hypermesh you are using at your end?I unable to open above shared file in 2017 & 14.0 version.
  5. You can also try Altair Simlab for meshing 3d part.There you dont need to create any additional component & organize them individually.
  6. If you are not interested in weld failure then you can model weld region using rigid element.You can refer below tutorial as reference. OS-4000: 3D Size Optimization of a Rail Joint
  7. Connecting 3d mesh to 2d mesh

    Please refer attached screenshot.Assume bigger area meshed with hex element and thin section meshed with shell element.so there should be gap between shell and solid because mesh carried out in mid surface for thin region.You can have same mesh pattern on hex and shell,then connect them with rigid element.
  8. PFA screenshot from practical finite element analysis book.You can also refer Hypermesh connectors tutorials.
  9. pressure

    Please refer below post. linear inp.csv linear inp.hm
  10. As mentioned above please create tetramesh using 'mesh to current component'.You can delete all 2d mesh in one go(Delete element by config).There is no automatic way to delete 2d mesh.
  11. Is it possible to generate a Hex Mesh along a curve

    There are many option to create mesh.Direct Hex mesh or 2d to 3d mesh.It would be nice if you can share more screenshot showing thickness of part .
  12. Linear Static Analysis - Gear Strength

    Did you check the mass of gear tooth after assigning material property?Is is it same as real life component?
  13. Just sharing some relevant information on import.please find attached file for your reference. CAD Import Options.pdf SolidWorks Import Options.pdf
  14. FRF in rectangular coordinates

    In below post i shared tutorial for plotting complex results. Once a Complex Plot has been created, you still have the option to switch whether you are plotting phase/magnitude or real/imaginary. In the example , the plot is created first and it contains phase/magnitude data. By right clicking in the Graphics Area and selecting Switch to Real/Imaginary, the real/imaginary curves can be created. You can then switch back by selecting Switch to Phase/Magnitude.