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  1. Hi,

    Sorry i write in here, but i wrote my question in optistruc 4 days ago and i didn`t get answer.

     I asked tinh and he didn`t know about this.

    I found that you have experience in hypermath,


    would check this.






  2. a bug in tetra meshing

    your shared hm file is too big to handle in my laptop.I see mesh is also very complex.This can also be done in Altair Simlab Preprocessor.Refer below youtube video for same.Also please let me know which option you use to generate tetramesh in Hypermesh?
  3. Errors in visualization

    Set result type to contact forces.Refer attached screenshot.
  4. regarding element thickness color mode

    Please try deleting setting files & check.Refer below post.Also let us know which version of Hypermesh you are using?
  5. Errors in visualization

    Are you trying to plot contact forces?If so please check if you have CONTF = ALL output request in the deck.
  6. Hypergraph HIC Calculation Problem

    Please refer attached video for HIC curve & let us know if it helps. HIC_CURVE.wmv
  7. Tetra meshing

    PFA screenshot for order change panel.
  8. FRF as complex number

    In above attached tutorial you can plot complex curve & in Hypergraph you can export curve in to csv format.
  9. a bug in tetra meshing

    I see all three layers are not connected.I also see one cylinder around three layer.What type of analysis you are going to perform ? Do you want tetramesh considering Cylinder and three layer mesh?
  10. FRF as complex number

    PFA tutorial for your reference. Post Processing a Forced Frequency Response.pdf
  11. a bug in tetra meshing

    This is not a bug.Before converting mesh into tetras, please make sure that the 2d surface mesh should be enclosed.If possible share hm file to check same at our end.
  12. Strange behaviour with RBE3 elements in Model

    I see you have applied moment for both the loadcases (Torque & Torsion).That is the reason for not getting bending behaviour in your model.(I got files from George to test & it contains RBE2 on both the ends)
  13. Export multiple contour results

    Did you try capturing graphic area video in avi and gif format?
  14. Topology Optimization on a membran

    I see there are too many error in your model.First check the dimension of the model is as per expectation or not?After assigning material property check the mass of the model. I see some duplicate SPCD entries & negligible force on loadcase 2. So first check the dimension & mass of the model.
  15. Hypermesh 2017.1 Midsurfacing Error

    This is planned for HW 2018.0 release.So this is still not fixed in 2017.2.