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  1. Reset Reader Options

    Thanks George. It worked . Now i am able to load the H3D files.
  2. Reset Reader Options

    Hi George, yes i am getting this pop up for default h3d file. Is there any way to reset reader options ?
  3. Reset Reader Options

    Hi George, Yes I was loading H3d file . I asuume ; while loading h3d file i shouldn't be getting the pop up . I am using HM 14
  4. Hi , I am Altair commercial user. I tried registering for altair connect account, there was some error. I wrote to the support email id . But there was no reponse . Please let me know what can be done. Thanks in advance, Girish C Hirekerur
  5. Display CBUSH Coordinate System

    Thanks George, this option is useful for visualization of CBUSH coordinate system
  6. Reset Reader Options

    Hi , I am facing issues with hyperview. Every time I load model in Hyperview. It is giving a prompt to select the model reader. Is there any way to reset it so that it ? Thanks
  7. Display CBUSH Coordinate System

    Hi all, Is there any option to visualize/display Coordinate system for CBUSH and other 1d elements. Thanks in advance Girish
  8. Attach multiple op2 files

    Hi all, Is there an option to attach multiple op2 files (>5) and view the combined results in Hyperview ? Thanks in advance..
  9. Free Body Forces

    Hi all, In the hypermesh freebody tool ; is there an option to attach multiple op2/xdb files ?
  10. Hi Tinh, I need to write the data from Hyperview in an organised readable manner.I referred to an example as given below : package require twapi set excel [::twapi::comobj Excel.Application] $excel DisplayAlerts [expr 0] set workbooks [$excel Workbooks] $workbooks Open "C:/Users/willblatt/BlattBros/Projects/10000 Temp/XLS_Files_Chip/CHIP_ASSAY_TABLE.xlsx" set workbook [$workbooks Item 1] set sheets [$workbook Sheets] set sheet [$sheets Item 1] set cells [$sheet range a1 c3] puts [$cells Value] $cells -destroy $sheet -destroy $sheets -destroy $workbook -destroy $workbooks -destroy $excel Quit $excel -destroy I tried to use the above example. i.How should I add New Sheet to the file. ii.Can change the name of the file from Sheet1,Sheet2,etc. to something different say :Normal Force,Axial Force.etc iii. Any detailed documentation of all the classes available in TWAPI ? Thanks in advance, Girish
  11. Hi all, I am looking out for any examples to write stress/node id data to excel sheet TWAPI in Tcl/Tk. Thanks in advance, Regrads, Girish C Hirekerur
  12. Hello tinh, Greetings !! I intend to read all the labels of the entity sets available in a HyperView Model file. How should I do it ? I tried using GetSelectionSetHandle command, but it requires that I get the handle for each set then read the label . Something similar to GetSelectionSetList will be helpful or any other method ? Regards, Girish
  13. Hi all, The IDs of entity sets in HyperView are auto assigned.Sometimes they are not continuous. I intend to re-arrange them in a ascending order but HyperView doesn't provide an option. How should I proceed ? Thanks in advance, Regards, Girish
  14. Yes it works !! With respect to the Hyperview help on Tcl/TK Classes , the description on SetDataComponent is a bit misleading. It says the options can be either node,line,shell or solid. Can you elaborate on the following classes(with significance to displaying a contour plot) : 1. SetDataComponent 2.SetShellLayer 3. SetDimensionEnabled
  15. Hello Tinh, Coming back to forum after couple of months!! I am facing difficulty using the SetDataType command in the ContourCtrl class of Hyperview Though I can set the query to Displacement, Grid Point Stresses(Prop 1),etc but I am not able to choose sub options like Mag,X,Y,Z and Von Mises ,Signed VonMises, respectively.How do I do it ? Your help is very much appreciated !! Thanks and Regards, Girish