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  1. solid face offset

    Yes, it works! I had to set continuous offest (picture attached) Thank you.
  2. solid face offset

    Hi Q.Nguyen, Thank you for the answer. So it is not possible to offset a face without extracting it from a solid right?
  3. solid face offset

    Hi all, Can you suggest me what is the fastest way to offset a solid face in Hypermesh? In the picture attached I want to reduce the shank diameter for example.
  4. expression builder doesn't open

    Hi Rahul, Thank you for the video, i was able to create the DVs but I am still stuck on the same tutorial. I created the responses but I can't select all the nodes for the max_displacement response. It seems easy usiing the file assistant but I am on hyperstudy13.0 and I have to go through the expression builder. Maybe there is a sintax to use in the filter on the side of the request? (see picture attached) Something like N1000--N2000?
  5. expression builder doesn't open

    Hi all, I am following the hyperstudy e-book, beam.fem example (Hyperstudy 13.0) but I can't access the expression builder (see attached picture). The nominal run has been written, executed and extracted correctly. What can I do to input the responses I want to investigate? I can't even use the file assistant (probably introduced in the version 14.0?)
  6. Graphic rotation point

    Thank you Sanjay!!
  7. Graphic rotation point

    Hi all, Is there a way in Hypermesh to fix or change the graphical rotation point of the part? When I spin the components (especially when imported from CAD) it seems that they are spinning around a Csys that is far from the part.
  8. temporary nodes visibility

    Thank you guys, deleting the settings worked!
  9. temporary nodes visibility

    Hi all, Sometimes I can't visualize the temporary nodes created. The nodes are there since I can clearly see their numbers (see picture attached). How can I solve this issue? Thanks and regards.
  10. Matching meshes - map nodes

    Thank you Tinh, your suggestion helped me a lot.
  11. Matching meshes - map nodes

    Hello everybody, I need to mesh the upper part of the cube and I want the nodes of the mesh to be exactly on those I have projected. Basically I would like to map the nodes in order to join them afterwards using 1-D elements. How can this can be done?
  12. sheet metal from volume

    Hello, thank you, both, for your answers. I found in the same book what I was searching for. "Available with the SINGLE draw option is a stamping or sheet metal manufactoring constraint. This option forces the evolution of 3D shell interpretable structure from a 3D design domain..." In which version of Hyperworks did they introduce this new feature? Thanks
  13. sheet metal from volume

    Hello Prakash Pagadala, thank you for the answer. I start thinking that in optistruct it is not possible to perform a topology optimization for sheet metal structures. Of course, it is always possible to run a topology optimization and design a welded structure but I haven’t found the way to have the material “flow” like a sheet metal as written in the Altair book. Optistruct works well when I already have the initial shape of the sheet metal. Topography optimization and size optimization are great tools but, again, I need an initial shape to work on. If I am wrong, please let me know, because this is the type of problems I have to solve. Thanks
  14. sheet metal from volume

    Hello to all the members, reading the book “Practical aspects of structural Optimization” I found the following sentence (beginning of pag24): “We may be asked to design a light weight bracket that has to fit in a 300x300x300mm volume. We want the bracket to be made of steel, to carry a load of 100kg. The maximum permissible deflection of the bracket is 0.1mm and the maximum permissible stress is 20kg/mm^2. We are allowed to use steel that can be 1mm 2 mm or 4mm thick. In this case, our design space would be 300x300x300mm volume. The objective would be to minimize the mass. The optimization constraint would be the permissible stress and deflection. The design variables would be the thickness of the steel and the layout of the steel. (i.e. how the sheet should “flow”- where material should be located – within the design space)” I don’t really understand how I can set this analysis. How can I ask tell the material to “flow”? Can I define the variable thickness as design variable? Thanks