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  1. Visualisation problems (HyperMesh 2017)

    I am facing this issue. Model visulization becomes dark when I open with HyperMesh 2017. (v14 is OK). I tried to reset working folder, update driver, resinstall HM2017 but the issue remains. So we already return using HM14. My Dell workstation use Nvidia K2000, 16 Gb RAM, CORE I7. Any advice for this?
  2. Excellent! Thank you a ton for your help :))))
  3. Hello Hypermesh experts, I create my drop menu to call to my TCL script but I do not know how to save this drop menu. Everytime I quit HM, I have to open the drop menu again. ======================================= variable top_menu set top_menu [hm_framework getpulldowns]; catch {$top_menu delete [.hmMainMenuBar index "Demo"]} catch {destroy $top_menu.custom} menu $top_menu.custom -tearoff 0 $top_menu insert 19 cascade -label "MyToolBar" -menu $top_menu.custom ====================================== Thank you for any recommendation and suggestion!
  4. wrong automesh element

    Press O keyboar to go to option panel, then choose mesh panel, choose node tolerance = 0.1.
  5. Hello everyone, I am trying to create macro to extract center lines of surface tube (then create 1D elements) but it works only for simple shape. For the a bit complex shape, the center lines are not smooth at bending area. Appreciate very much anyone can give some suggestion for this.
  6. Hi Tin. Thanks a ton for your help. It works pretty well now !!!
  7. Hi everyone. I am writing script to get dependency nodes of RBAR elements with hm_getentityvalue (dependentnode.id) but it does not work. Appreciate very much any one can give some advice for this.
  8. If we a TCL script but sometimes and we want to REJECT(UNDO) the script operation. What sould we do for this case? I tried to use "hm_entityrecorder nodes on" and "... off" but not scessuflly yet. Apprciate any helps or comments.
  9. Hey guys, Could you share with me the tcl commands to get mark of component by clicking on components on model browser? Thank you very much.
  10. Hi TCL experts I am trying to use HV TCL commands to auto generate "derived results" with Expression Builder ( 2 * stress + 1). I use “poIResultMathCtrl” handle and “AddExpression” but the derived result did not appear in Contour result list. Hope to get your input and advice from you. Thank you in advanced.
  11. Hi all, By chance, I found an interesting video which might be created by HM TCL experts: Anyone can share the TCL codes which can display dimension value (thickness, radius) on graphic area directly as above video. It looks more intuitive and easy to use.
  12. I tried to look for in HyperMesh Customization help but I have not found the TCL command to assign Material ID(Solver ID) with certain number (example same as Component Number). Really appreciate anyone who has comments or inputs for this.
  13. Combining Hex Mesh

    I also faced this issue few years ago but now I can do this in few clicks with Simlab (Hexa Layer modify function). If you do this a lot, I recommend you use Simlab (import to Simlab >> Edit >> Export to HM).
  14. Hello, In contour VonMise(or XX, YY, etc) strain, I do not really understand detail difference b/w "Resolved in" Element v.s Analysis system. Which one we should use match with strain gauge test more accurate? We often have to create User system along with Strain Gage direction to achieve more precise. To achieve more accurate result on Strain Gauge measurement, we often base on strain gradient? Really appreciate anyone can recommend how to find the strain gradient. Many thanks.