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  1. Uniformity Index

    Hi Dinesh, As of now measuring UI value at arbitrary/coordinate plane is not possible. please do create a surface at the modelling stage itself so that uniform velocity (x.y.z) will be available as a surface statistics output in AcuProbe. Regards Ravi Harti
  2. Hi Sandeep, Please find the attached documents which explains how to map pressure to a structural solver. let me know if you face any problems in mapping. pressure_mapping.pdf acuGetNodeSubset Regards Ravi Harti
  3. Solution Stability Issue

    Hello Vignesh, let me know your availability at 12 PM to have a web meeting. Regards Ravi Harti
  4. Postprocessing in Paraview

    Hi Abhay, Always use different directories for multiple runs. anyway now you have different inp files use below command acuTrans -pb [inp file name without extension] -out -extout -to ensight for more help on acuTrans command type.... acuTrans -h in the command prompt if the same inp file is used for multiple times for run then log file will be with extension of run ids. in that case use below command acuTrans -pb [inp file name without extension] -out -extout -to ensight -run [Run Number] Regards Ravi Harti
  5. Coupled FSI Analysis

    Hi Vignesh, as per our web discussion, please send us some images to understand and discuss at our end about the requirements. we will get back to you shortly. Regards Ravi
  6. post-processing tools

    Hi Kamal, wkt.... m = rho*area*velocity you will get mass flux (kg/s) in AcuProbe and you will be knowing density (rho) by doing simple math (m=rho*area*velocity)will get flow rate. In AcuProbe, we can plot only on available surfaces like inlet, outlet and interiors. Regards Ravi
  7. Animation Export for using MAYA/Blender

    Hi Vijay, it would be better if you explain what are all the formats MAYA/BLENDER supports. animation file created from field-view will always be .avi format. Regards Ravi
  8. Acusolve export problem

    Hi Abhilash, please follow below steps.. 1. Open HM file : the one you prepared 2. Go to Import -->> File type : Nastran ---> browse and select Mesh_intersection file --> click on import once import is completed, go to model and check some components has been created. now correct these elements and export. Regards Ravi
  9. Acusolve export problem

    Hi Abhilash, if AcuConsole is creating mesh_intersections file, there must be some issues with mesh. Reimport the mesh_intersections.nas file in HyperMesh over the original file. it will show exact location of intersections in your model. clear these intersections then export to .nas format. Hope it helps you. Regards Ravi
  10. Uniformity Index

    Hi Dinesh, if you are using latest version ie 2017 no need to use script. UI id directly available as a output in acuProbe under Surface Statisctics. as shown in below image. Regards Ravi
  11. Realizable K epsilon

    Hi Dinesh, Turbulent velocity scale : is the average velocity at the inlet Turbulence viscosity ratio: viscosity ratio, , is the ratio between the turbulent viscosity, , and the molecular dynamic viscosity, . The turbulent viscosity ratio is directly proportional to the turbulent Reynolds number. Typically, the turbulence parameters are set between 1 to 10. here viscosity ratio 10 is good enough. Regards Ravi Harti
  12. Fan component

    Hi Tutulika, As i can see from the image, two separate volumes are created for fan is right but fan volumes are still in contact with same air volume. please do changes as shown in attached image. Regards Ravi Harti
  13. Problem in importing HM Mesh to AcuConsole

    Hello Sandip, While importing nas file into AcuConsole make sure that volume grouping option to be "By volume regions" and surface grouping regions to be " By attributes" as shown in the attached image. let me know if you still face the problem we can have discussion. Regards Ravi

    Hi Rajendra, As discussed we explained about these below parameters… 1. Calculate density of working fluid at the particular pressure and temperature and use that in material properties. CASE 1: Coolant flowing at 90"C @ 1200l/hr @ 2.5Bar-gauge - use Coolant properties at this temperature and pressure. here pressure is in Gauge, add atmospheric pressure to make it absolute pressure Exhaust Gas at 450"C @ 150Kg/hr @ 2Bar-gauge - use Gas properties at this temperature and pressure. here pressure is in Gauge, add atmospheric pressure to make it absolute pressure Regards Ravi Harti Let us know if you face any difficulties in using AcuSolve.
  15. Problem in importing HM Mesh to AcuConsole

    Hi Sandeep, This errors occurs when a surface is attached both sides to the same fluid. It can be avoided by checking each volumes, for this you can make utilize of a script available in installation directory. Regards Ravi Harti